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TORONTO, January 16, 1997 -- At Glendon College's kick-off fundraising dinner Thursday evening, one of the College's legends will be honoured for his contribution to scholarly and student life and for his generosity to York University.

Albert Tucker, former Glendon principal (1970-1975) and professor emeritus of history, has decided to donate 70 per cent of his estate -- currently valued at approximately $1.5 million -- to York University.

Tucker, who taught at Glendon College since 1966, says his donation is a way of acknowledging the enriching and important role that postsecondary education -- and York University -- played in his life.

"I consider myself very lucky to have pursued an academic career,"says Tucker. "To be able to spend 27 years doing something you enjoy is fortunate indeed. I treasure the time I spent at York and Glendon. I think there's a real need for financial help for students, and I want to contribute something that will be useful and worthwhile to them and to society."

During the Second World War, Tucker served in the ground crew of the Tactical Air Force. After demobilization, he returned to Canada and enrolled in University through the Veterans Education Plan. He earned his PhD at Harvard University before joining Glendon's history faculty.

Glendon Principal Dyane Adam says the career and commitment of Professor Tucker is an example to all of York's students, faculty and staff. "The contribution of Albert Tucker is a brilliant beginning to this campaign. His sterling example is indicative of the dedication and goodness to be found at Glendon."

York University President Dr. Susan Mann, who was a student of Professor Tucker's at the University of Western Ontario in 1964, praised Tucker, saying he is known for his passion for history, his commitment to fine teaching, and his respect and empathy for students.

His planned gift will enable York University and Glendon College to create new scholarships, support acquisitions at Glendon's Frost Library and student activities in undergraduate and graduate studies in history.

For 35 years, Glendon has offered a unique learning environment in the heart of Canada's largest and most multicultural region. Glendon was created with a mission to provide an excellent bilingual liberal arts education to prepare its students for leadership in a wide range of disciplines, such as politics, diplomacy, business, law and technological development.

The Best of Two Worlds Campaign for Glendon College is a key component of The National Campaign for York University, which aims to raise $100 million by the year 2000. Glendon's goal is $7.7 million. The money will be targeted to:

  • Awarding Scholarships ($2.5 million) To ensure that bilingual students have the funds to pursue their education in Canada's two official languages, Glendon is enlarging its body of awards and scholarships and developing a work placement and internship program that will benefit both students and the community.

  • Building Bridges to Universities ($1.2 million) Glendon's bridging program will address the under-representation in the university system of Franco-Ontarians and recent immigrants. The bridging program will provide a path to university for adults who require academic preparation before enrolling full time.

  • Researching French Culture: ($2 million) The Centre for Research on French Culture in Canada and Abroad/le centre de recherches en la francophonie internationale et canadienne will focus its scholarship on this aspect of our heritage that is so important to Canada culturally, historically and economically.

  • Creating Facilities for the 21st Century ($2 million) Glendon is competing in a world of rapid technological development and carefully managed resources. Glendon is embarking on a program to upgrade and expand existing classroom and laboratory facilities. As part of this initiative, Glendon is also formulating plans to make the most of the heritage facilities that give it so much of its character.


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