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Master of Financial Accountabilty (MFAc)

Degree Requirements

The MFAc degree offers students two options for completion:

  • The Major Research paper option: students must complete nine courses (27 credits) and a Major Research paper (6 credits). This option is contingent on finding a faculty member who agrees to supervise the project.
  • The Coursework Option: students must complete eleven courses (33 credits)

Length of Program:

The MFAc is designed to be completed in16 calendar months as a weekday program taken over four consecutive terms. It is a trimester program, so students take 3 courses in each of their first three terms and 2 courses in their final term. The workload is rigorous, so three courses is deemed to be a full time load in this program. Students are counseled not to undertake outside employment during the program.

Part-Time Study Option for Executives:

Applicants having at least five years experience in a senior management position will be permitted to enroll on a part-time basis. Contact the Program Director to see if you have the background to qualify. A customized study plan showing coursework and expected completion date would be designed for each admitted student. The normal load for a part time student is one course per term.

Plan of Study

Students must file a plan of study when admitted to show which degree option they have selected and which courses they intend to take in which academic terms. Students may deviate from their approved plan only if they get permission of the Director.

Grade Point Average

Students must maintain a B average for progression. Students who fall below a B average will be given a warning and must regain that average the next term to stay in the program.

Academic Honesty

As befitting a Program that teaches ethical behavior and produces the ethical leaders of tomorrow, the MFAc has absolute requirements for academic honesty. The regulations covering this and also for maintaining grade point average is explained in more detail in the website of the York Faculty of Graduate Study.

Nature of the Program:

This is a graduate degree in business designed for business managers. Courses are conducted as seminars and active participation is expected from every student who will share their insights and experiences. In general, a substantive portion of every course grade is based on quality of participation. There are also frequent guest speakers from industry and government and professionalism in terms of decorum and dress is expected of all students.

Admission Dates:

There are two start dates each year. Students can either start in the Fall term or the Winter term. Admission deadlines for 2015 are August 27 and December 17 . Late applications are accepted at the discretion of the School.

Major Paper Option:

The major paper option will appeal to those with a research interest. Students are expected to produce a paper of publishable quality related to the field of accountability and governance, although it need not be published. Students will need to find a faculty member willing to supervise the research. Students taking the MPO do not take the two elective courses. The MPO option will be of particular interest to students going on to pursue doctoral studies. It is expected that MPO students have some background in statistics. Students will be expected to present their completed paper to the MFAc academic community.