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Merv Mosher

If you missed the final exam you need to do the following:

1. Get a Deferred Exam Form from the Registrar's Office or download from the the web site


2. Provide "appropriate" documentation.

        a) IF the reason was medical in nature you need an
Attending Physician's Statement.  This form   is also available from the Registrar  [A "Doctor's Note" is NOT sufficient.]


        b) IF the reason is other than medical then you require documentation to support your reason.

3. As soon as possible, bring the completed forms to my office [359 Stong College] for a signature. [If I am not in take the form to 341 Bethune College.] I will sign the form and return it to the KINE office [341 Bethune]..

It takes several weeks to process the paperwork and to create a new exam. The format of the deferred exam may not be the same as the regular final exam  Students are responsible for checking my web site and MOODLE to find the date of the deferred exam.  Students who miss the deferred exam because they were not aware of the date will not be given another opportunity to write. You will have at least 5 days notice of the exam.



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