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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to common questions regarding graduation and convocation. Click on a question to get the answer.

ExpandWhat is the difference between 'graduation' and 'convocation'?

Graduation is the term used to acknowledge that you have met your degree requirements and you have been approved by Senate to graduate from the program. Convocation refers to the ceremony where the Chancellor confers the degree.

ExpandWhat is the difference between ‘graduand’ and ‘graduate’?

Graduand is the term used to address a student who is about to graduate or receive a degree. A graduate is a student who has received a degree or diploma.

ExpandDo I have to apply to graduate and is there a deadline?

All students must apply to graduate. For information on applying, deadlines, graduation eligibility and status, visit the Preparing for Convocation section of this Web site. You will find specific information on how to apply, including deadlines, by selecting Apply to Graduate.

ExpandHow do I know what my graduation status is?

Your eligibility status for the upcoming convocation will be noted on your most recent grade report (e.g. for June 2013 convocation, it would be noted on your fall/winter 2012-2013 grade report, for October 2013 convocation, it would be noted on your summer 2013 grade report ). Your grade reports are available online at the Current Students Web site. In addition, once you have applied you can check your status online.

Once you apply to graduate, the Degree Audit Office will evaluate your graduation eligibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have met your program and degree requirements. You can check with your Faculty or program advising office to find out if you have met your program and degree requirements prior to applying or while you wait for a decision from the Degree Audit Office.

A second degree audit is completed after the submission of final grades. As such, if you have received an invitation, it does not guarantee that you are graduating. Once the final grade reports are released, your academic decision will tell you if you are eligible to graduate. Graduate students should contact your Graduate Program Office for any questions about your status.

ExpandI have a double major. What ceremony should I attend?

Students who are graduating with a double major will be invited to the ceremony of their first major. Please check the top of your most recent grade report to see which of your majors is first.

ExpandHow do I indicate I want to attend convocation?

All graduands should confirm whether or not they will attend convocation. Visit the RSVP section of this Web site for the deadlines and to indicate your attendance.

ExpandIf I can't attend, how do I get my diploma?

You can either have it couriered to you, or pick it up. Visit the Information for Graduates page of the Diploma Services section for specific information on how to obtain your diploma.

ExpandIs there a limit to the number of guests I can invite?

All guests require a valid ticket to enter the Aviva Centre for a convocation ceremony. There are strict limits on the number of guest tickets for each graduand. Please refer to your ceremony invitation for more information on guest tickets.

Please note: the graduand does not require a guest ticket to attend their convocation. The robe rental confirmation page acts as a student ticket to convocation.

ExpandIs there a way to get additional tickets?

Additional tickets will be available at the Main Gate and Box Office at the Aviva Centre two hours prior to the ceremony start time. There is no charge associated with additional tickets. Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis while quantities last. The Events and Ceremonials team is unable to predict the number of additional tickets that will be available for each ceremony.

Due to logistical restrictions, there is absolutely NO possibility of obtaining additional tickets in advance of the two hour period before a ceremony start time.

ExpandWill my major or Specialized Honours appear on my diploma?

York's policy is to print the name of your degree on your diploma (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts with Honours). Other academic information including "Specialized Honours" and your major will appear on your transcript.

ExpandWhat academic honours are awarded to graduating students?

For a list of academic honours that each Faculty awards to its graduating students, click here. Please note that not all academic honours are printed on the diploma (such as Member of the Dean's Honour Roll), however they will be reflected on the convocation program and your transcript.

ExpandWill I receive my other degree/diploma/certificate at convocation?

Provided that your eligibility is received prior to the printing production deadline for convocation, you will receive the diploma/certificate you are entitled to on the day of your ceremony.

ExpandHow will my name appear on my diploma/certificate? How can I change it?

Your full legal name, as shown on the Student Information System, is what is used on official University documents, such as transcripts and diplomas.

To make any changes to your official name, you must submit a Name Change Form to the Registar's Office along with the appropriate supporting documentation as outlined on the form.

For your correct name to appear on your diploma and in the convocation program, the Name Change Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by May 1 for the June convocation, and September 15 for the October convocation. If you submit the form after the deadline date, you will have to order and pay for a replacement diploma.

ExpandWhat about photographs?

At each ceremony a professional photographer will photograph each graduate as they greet the Chancellor. Each graduate will also be photographed as they approach and exit the stage. Since professional photographs will be taken of each graduate, we encourage family and friends to remain in their seats and enjoy the ceremony.

Complimentary photograph proofs will be e-mailed to each graduate within one week of convocation ceremonies. There is no obligation to purchase.

If you have any questions about ceremonial photographs, please contact GradTrak: 1-800-628-4509 or

ExpandWill the convocation ceremonies be Webcast?

Most convocation ceremonies are Webcast live and a link to the live feed will be available on the My Graduation Web site. Webcasts are also archived in the Archives section of this Web site shortly after convocation concludes.

Please note: in some instances (eg. places of business) you may not be able to obtain the live feed due to firewall or security restrictions. Please check in advance with your technical support.

ExpandHow can I get a video of the convocation ceremony?

You can order a commemorative video of the convocation ceremony (stored on a portable USB drive).

Please allow four to six weeks from the end of the convocation ceremonies for your order to be delivered.

ExpandWho do I contact regarding purchasing a frame?

Framing services are provided by York Alumni. For more information, including a downloadable price list and order form, click here.

ExpandWhat happens if I owe the University money?

If you owe money to the the University, your diploma will be held back until your debts are paid. To ensure you do not owe the University any money, please do the following:

Please note: if you pay your debt two weeks or less prior to your convocation date, you will have to provide proof of payment when you pick up your diploma on convocation day.

ExpandThis FAQ doesn't answer my question. Who can I contact?

Please e-mail or call the Events and Ceremonials team at 416-736-5325.

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