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Graduation Eligibility and Status

Your graduation eligibility is evaluated by the Degree Audit Office once you apply to graduate. Below you will find more information regarding eligibility and how to verify your graduation status.

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After you apply to graduate the Degree Audit Office will evaluate your graduation eligibility. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have met your program and degree requirements. You can check with your Faculty or program advising office to find out if you have met your program and degree requirements prior to applying or while you wait for a decision from the Degree Audit Office.

A second degree audit is completed after the submission of final grades. As such, if you have received an invitation, it does not guarantee that you are graduating. Once the final grade reports are released, your academic decision will tell you if you are eligible to graduate. Graduate students should contact your Graduate Program Office for any questions about your status.

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Once you have applied to graduate, you can verify your graduation status online. The system will indicate if your application to graduate has been received, if your file has been audited and if you are eligible to graduate.

Faculty of Graduate Studies students please contact the Graduate Program regarding your status and eligibility.

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