Anova1 Demonstration

How Do I Do It?

What Will I See?








How do I do the Anova1 Demonstration?

1. Choose Anova1 Demonstration from the main menu.

2. The computer will prompt you to hit any key when you're ready.



What will I see in the Anova1 Demonstration?

You will be presented with 16 targets (8 faster-moving, and 8 slower-moving), which consist of 3 embedded squares. You must try to "hit" the targets with your mouse, one at a time.  To "hit" the target, place the cursor on any part of the square and press the left key of your mouse.  If you hit the target in the innermost square, you will earn 25 points, if you hit the target in the middle square, you will earn 15 points, and if you hit the target in the outermost square, you will earn 5 points.  (Of course, if you miss the target completely, you will score 0 points.)

You will be given a practice session, and then a second, data-collection session.  In the second session, your scores are collected and used as data in a 1-way (speed) Analysis of Variance.  In this demonstration, the target speed in the independent variable, or factor.  The dependent variable is your score.  The purpose of the Anova1 is to determine if the manipulation of the independent variable (speed) works, i.e., if the mean of your slower target scores is different (in this case, higher) from the mean of your faster target scores.



Purpose of the Anova1 Demonstration

This demonstration gives you an opportunity to collect data quickly, and to use this data to practice solving 1-way ANOVAs.  You may even find that with a lot of practice, your scores in each of the conditions are no longer significantly different.  (You may also find, with a lot of practice, that you can compute F statistics with minimum anxiety, and maximum confidence.)