Binomial Spinner Demonstration

How Do I Do It?

What Will I See?








How do I do the Binomial Spinner Demonstration?

1. Select Binomial Spinner Demonstration from the main menu.

2. Choose the probability that the ball will fall to the left (either 1/2 or 3/4).

3. Pressing the escape key will abort the demonstration.



What will I see in the Binomial Spinner Demonstration?

In this program, 8 balls will be dropped, and will descend through 3 levels before coming to a rest in one of 4 compartments at the bottom.  The computer keeps track of how many balls fall into each of the compartments at the bottom. At the upper left of your screen, there is a spinner, which you activate by pressing any key.  Depending on which probability value you chose, the spinner will either have an equal chance of landing on L or R, or a probability of .75 that the spinner will land on L (and therefore a probability of .25 of landing on R).  The balls will descend through the levels according to the direction indicated by the spinner.



Purpose of the Binomial Spinner Demonstration

This program is a smaller version (it has fewer levels through which to descend) of the quincunx that you encounter in the Binomial Demonstration, so that you may view in detail the process of how the computer determines the direction of the ball as it descends through each level.  In the Binomial Demonstration, this process occurs automatically.