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Biographical Data Base of Enslaved Africans

This area of research centers on the generation of a computer-based data retrieval system that enables on-line access to archival and published materials on individual enslaved Africans during the era of the "Slave Route".

The data base consists of two-parts:

  • Direct quotations from all sources on any individual identified during the era of the "Slave Route"
  • A Summary of all know biographical information on individual enslaved Africans.

While the project will concentrate on individuals who were born in the "Nigerian" hinterland in the initial stages, it is assumed that, through the auspices of UNESCO, the data base will be expanded.

The data base will enable genealogical research by descendants of slaves into their family backgrounds. The project directly addresses one of the fundamental concepts of the UNESCO Slave Route Project - that African history can be followed into the diaspora by following the actual individuals who comprised the diaspora.

- American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology
- International Group for the Recovery and Dissemination
    of the Slave Texts of Latin and Carribean Americas

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