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Areas of Research:

Archival Inventory and Preservation of Primary Sources

The primary aim of this area of research is the creation of an archival inventory that increases accessibility to and preserves the vast archival holdings that are relevant to the study of the diaspora and its "Nigerian" origins.

The construction of the archival inventory begins with an inventory of archival and library holdings of relevance to the project. This entails the systematic search of know holdings in some metropolitan archives, as well as the holdings of repositories in 35 countries, with a concentration on the archival materials in the smaller Caribbean islands, where, in many cases, materials have not yet been deposited in national archives. The Nigerian Hinterland Project has already reproduced and catalogued court records, Arabic texts and correspondence, and ethnographic and historical reports in the Kaduna branch of the Nigerian National Archives, as part of its pilot project and similar success is anticipated with key holdings in other archives.

One specific project carried out under this area of research is the collection and microfilming of all newspapers from the Caribbean and Brazil. The Nigerian Hinterland Project has already begun this venture to allow access to the widely dispersed holdings on the British Caribbean, expanding to include Hispanic, French and other newspapers.

SHADD Studies in the History of the African Diaspora Documents

Ecclesiastical Sources and Historical Research on the African Diaspora in Brazil and Cuba

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