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Colombian Archival Digitalization Project:  

Under the direction of Dr. Jorge Palacios Preciado, Director of the Archivo General de la Nación-Colombia, and Dr. Renée Soulodre-La France, Coordinator of Research, NHP, the York/UNESCO/SSHRC Nigerian Hinterland Project, the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture, and the Dekker Institute collaborated with the Archivo General de la Nación-Colombia to digitize the colonial documents relating directly to slavery that make up the collection "Negros y Esclavos", in Bogota.

One of the most relevant aspects of the history of the Americas is the presence of people of African descent. In the viceroyalty of New Granada, the participation of Africans in the development of colonial and modern societies was crucial. From the beginning of the sixteenth century enslaved Africans and their descendents played an increasingly important role in the economic production of the colonies. Undoubtedly the documents that contain the history of Africans in Colombia are of critical importance to the reconstruction of larger historical processes and to the life experiences of individuals. These documents, maintained in the collection, Colonia, Negros y Esclavos, in the Colombian National Archive, contain a wealth of information that should be preserved and made accessible to researchers interested in the variety of themes associated with the social, economic and legal history of New Granada. 

In order to preserve these documents and make them available to researchers, the Archivo General de la Nación undertook the project of digitizing all of the documents in the collection Negros y Esclavos. The documents date from 1550-1818 and were bound in 56 volumes divided according to region. These are:

Antioquia-7 volumes
Bolivar-15 volumes
Boyaca-2 volumes
Cauca-4 volumes
Cundinamarca-9 volumes
Magdalena-4 volumes
Santander-5 volumes
Tolima-5 volumes
Panama-4 volumes
Venezuela-1 volume

The archives also digitized another group of documents taken from the Collections section: Fondo Enrique Ortega Ricaurte, Negros y Esclavos. 

The total number of folios that were digitized is 56,654 that can be further divided up into 1,138 documents or cases. These documents can be consulted by contacting the Archivo General de la Nación, Colombia at agnnal@attglobal.net

Archivo General de la Nación, Colombia:

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