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Areas of Research:

Historical Atlas of Slavery

The primary aim of this area of research is to collect factual material on the history of the "Slave Route" and to organize and analyze this material in a form that can be reduced to CD-ROM and Internet for easy access by specialists, students, and the general public. The material gathered will also be published as a book. The database will summarize available information on the slave trade, including the findings arising from the development of the voyage database, as well other appropriate digitized databases, and new information from other materials to identify places and commercial patterns of the slave route. The ethnic, linguistic, and geographical details of the trade will be presented in a form that makes for easy reference. While the Historical Atlas of Slavery concentrates primarily on the Nigerian hinterland and its Diaspora, the intention is to expand the Atlas to encompass the geography of the African, Atlantic and Islamic trades. In generating this atlas, historical documents and artifacts will be used, and we would emphasize the institutional collaboration with the Schomburg Center, Universidad de Costa Rica, and other institutions whose extensive resources and connections are important to our network in the conduct of a professional search for new materials and the quest to make such materials accessible to students and a wider public.

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