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Literary Manifestations of the African Diaspora


NOVEMBER 10-14, 2003

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  Abstract Chart
Nom/ Name Institution Titre / Title
Adejumo, Arinpe University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria From TheEagle’s Eyes: A Reminiscence of The 18th Century Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in The Yoruba Historical Plays
Adeleke, Durotoye A. University of Ibadan,
Portrayal of Two Races Involved in Slavery In at ’Ok eru dide (Up From Slavery)
Adjaye, Joseph University of Pittsburgh, USA Mediated Lives: Memory and The Construction of History in The Caribbean
Adjei, Mawuli University of Ghana Trans-Atlantic Memories: The Black Diaspora in the Poetry of Kofi Anyidoho and Kofi Awoonor
Akinwumi, Tunde M. Yaba College of Technology,
The Marroon’s (Suriname) Cicatrisation Aesthetics, Its Verbal Representation, The African Parallel and its Decline
Alexander, Leslie The Ohio State University, USA ‘We Cast the Mind to Africa:’ Memory, Identity and Politics in Nineteenth Century Black New York
Anyadike, Chima Obafemi Awolowo University,
Modern African Diaspora: The Nervous Conditions of Ambiguous Adventures
Asiedu, Awo Mana University of Birmingham,
Returning to the ‘Motherland’,Illusions and Realities: Eulalie Rush in Aidoo’s The Dilemma of a Ghost and Mimi and Uli in Onwueme’s Legacies.
Barcia Paz, Manuel University of Essex,
The Middle Passage in the Work of Francisco Barrera y Domingo: Literature, Politics and Disease.
Brice Sogbossi, Hippolyte Universidade Federal de Sergipe,
Acontribution to the study of Dahomean culture among the Ararà in Cuba: songs, praises, and knowledge.
Brown, Kimberly J. Yale University,
Body of Memory, Body of Time: Literaryand Visual Representations of Nanny of the Maroons and Harriet Tubman
Campbell, Mark YorkUniversity,
Un-imagining Africa: The location and nature of Africa in the works of Louise Bennett.
Davis, Andrea York University,
Rearticulations, Reconnections, and Refigurations: Writing Africa Throughthe Americas
Dhawan, R. K. University of Delhi,
Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Rama Mehta’s Inside the Haveli:A Study in Culture-Clash
Elliott, Danielle Princeton University,
Memory, Identity, and the Aquatic in Literary Imaginations of the Middle Passage: Unsilenced Bones and Sea
Falaiye, Muyiwa University of Lagos,
The Image of the Black Soul: From the Hut Near the Congo to the Banks of Mississippi
Kafewo, Samuel Ayedime Ahmadu Bello University,
Trans-Atlantic Dimensions: Narrativesand Counter Narratives of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Amistadand Sankofa
Keren, Ella The Open University of Israel The Atlantic Slave Trade in WestAfrican History Text Books
Landers, Jane    Vanderbilt University,
The Circulation of Ideas and Literature Among "Atlantic Creoles" in Nineteenth-Century Cuba
Law, Robin University of Stirling, Scotland The Atlantic Slave Trade in local history writing in Ouidah (Republic of Benin)
Lebdai, Ben IUT, University of Angers,
Armah's obsessions with the 'Middle Passage': Symbols and Reality
Lovejoy,  Paul E. York University,
The Impact of Trans-Atlantic Slavery on the Lives of Two Muslims: Muhammad Kaba Saghanaghu and Mahommah Gardo Baquaqua
Mathes, Carter A. University of California, Berkeley,
“Black Soundsof Freedom: Myth, Resistance, and African Diaspora Consciousness in theFiction of Henry Dumas”
Matiangi, Fred University of Nairobi,
Renegotiating the history of Trans-(re)location and the identity of the Diaspora in the poetry of Edward Brathwaite
McLaren, Joseph Hofstra University,
Neo-Slave Narratives and the Construction of a Literary Voice
Medovarski, Andrea YorkUniversity,
Bodies of Resistance in Dionne Brand¹s At the Full and Change of the Moon: Literary Manifestations of the African Diaspora
Murdoch, H. Adlai University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Pluralizing the 'I': Autobiography and the Caribbean Diasporic Vision
Niaah, Jalani University of the West Indies,
Graphing a New History: Gems for Repairing Memory
Odhiambo, Christopher Moi University,
Killing theParrot: The strategy of subversion and Signification in Derek Walcott’s the Pantomime
Ogunleye, Foluke Obafemi Awolowo University,
Transcendingthe "Dust": African- American Filmmakers Preserving the"Glimpse of the Eternal"
Oha, Obododimma University of Ibadan,
Remembering to Re-member: The Visual Reconstruction of AfricanIdentity in Daughters of the Dust
Okoye, Ikem Stanley University of Delaware, USA In the Stead of Forts?: Slavery and Sculpture at Bonny
Okunoye, Oyeniyi Obafemi Awolowo University,
Locating The Other: Samuel Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners
Olateju, Adesola University of Ibadan,
Reflection of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Yoruba Literature: A Case Study of Lawuyiogunniran’s
Richards, Sandra Northwestern University, USA Landscapes of Memory: Representing the African Diaspora’s Return ‘Home’
Röhrig Assunção, Matthias University of Essex, England History and Memory in Capoeira Narratives from Bahia, Brazil
Rucker, Walter University of Nebraska, USA Memories of ‘Home Land’ in the Narratives and Confessions of five Enslaved Africans: 18th and 19th Century Literary Representations of the Enslavement Process
Smith, Lorrie N. Saint Michael’s College, USA Hungry Ghosts and Restless Spirits: Lyric Voices of the Middle Passage
Smith, Maria University of the West Indies, Jamaica Revivalism: Transcribing the Messages From Past to Present
Soares, Mariza C. Universidade Federal Fluminense
"Mahi Literacy in 18th Century Brazil" ("Apreco e Imitacao no Dialogo do Gentio Convertido")
Sotiropoulos, Karen Cleveland State University,
“No Place Like Home:” Staging Africain the U.S. at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Stanley Niaah, Sonjah N. University ofthe West Indies,
Making Space: Reading ‘Limbo’ in Dancehall Performance & Spatiality
Thomas-Bailey, Melisse The University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago (Re)Writing Self: The Revisionist Writings of the Afro-Caribbean Intelligentsia, 1838-1950s.
Trotman, David York University, Canada Singing the History: The Historical Imagination in the Trinidad Calypso
Vander, Robin G. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA Voicing Silence: Erasure and Memory as Dialectical Measuresof History in African American and West Indian Literature
Wekesa, Peter Wafula University of Nairobi, Kenya The Musical Influence on Africa by the Black Diaspora: History, Culture and Globalization
Wheat, David Vanderbilt University, USA The Language of Slaves and Servants: African Agency and the Mobilian Trade Language in 18th Century Alabama