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Conference on Slavery, Islam, and Diaspora


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After April 1, 2003       $100.00
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Toledano, Ehud R., Tel-Aviv University, Israel,
Ottoman Slaves as Individuals, Ottoman Slavery as a Relationship

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Nom/ Name Institution Titre / Title
Addoun, Yacine Daddi York University Racialization of Slavery: The End of "White-European" Slavery in Algeria: 1816-1830
Afroz, Sulatana University of West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica The Manifestation of Tawhid: The Muslim Ummah of the Maroons in Jamaica
Armstrong-Ingram, R. Jackson Nevada, USA "Black Pearls": The African Household Slaves of a Nineteenth Century Iranian Merchant Family"
Brower, Benjamin Cornell University, USA A Penetration Pacifique: Violence in the Algerian Sahara, 1850-1900
Cairus, José York University  "Brothers," "Partners" and "Clubs": Muslim Brotherhood and Sufi Practices in the Diaspora in the Shadow of the Muslim Uprising's Criminal Court Trials Sources, Bahia (1835)
Chafe, Kabiru S. Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria Islam and Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate: An Appraisal of Conceptual and Methodological Issues
William Gervase
SOAS - University of London, UK Islam and the Abolition of Slavery in Southeast Asia
Dobronravine, Nikolai Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia Multilingual Arabic-script Literacy in 19-th Century Brazil and Trinidad: New Sources in Dublin, Havre and Salvador (Bahia)
El hamel, Chouki Arizona State University, USA Writing Moroccan Slavery: Slave Registers
Freamon, Bernard K. Seton Hall Law School, USA The 'Ulama' and the Abolition of Slavery in 19th Century Egypt: The Role of the Modernists
Ghazal, Amal University of Alberta  Debating Slavery: Abolition between Muslim Reformers and Conservatives
Hamza, Ibrahim York University Some Historical and Cultural Definitions of Slavery and Freedom Among the Hausa People
Harrak, Fatima Université Mohamed V, Morocco Gender and Slavery - Women Slave Elites in Morocco
Helal, Emad Ahmed Cairo University, Egypt The Anti-Slavery Movement in Nineteenth Century Egypt Between Shari`a and Practice
Ilianin, Vladimir Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia The Africans in Russia: an Overview of Their History and the Prospective
Karim, Munawar University of Reading, UK  Prolegomena to any Future Emancipation: Understanding the Significance of African-Muslim Slave Writings in Antebellum America
Kravets, Maryna University of Toronto Blacks beyond the Black Sea: Eunuchs in the Crimean Khanate
La Rue, George Michael Clarion University, USA  Dying like Sheep with the Rot":The Health of Enslaved Sudanese in the Egyptian Army, Myth and Reality, 1820-1835
Lofkrantz, Jennifer York University Redemption of War Captives in the Western and Central Sudan in the Nineteenth Century
Levtzion, Nehemia Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel Arabic Sources on Slavery and Slave Trade: 9th-13th Centuries
Mirzai Asl, Behnaz,  York University   Commerce and the Dispersal of Africans in Persia
Montana, Ismael Musah York University  Religious Identity and Social Consciousness of the Black Slave Community of Tunis in the 19th Century
Mouser, Bruce University of Wisconsin, USA  Slave Rebellion and Jihad, Blending of Circumstances: Narrative of Iinsurrection and Religious Enthusiams on the Southern coast of Guinea/Conakry at the End of the Eighteenth Century
Niaah, Jalani    University of the West Indies, Jamaica "Not a Continent For an Island": Rastafari, Representations and History
Olatunji, Ojo York University Islam, Ethnicity and Resistance Among Central Sudanese Slaves in Nineteenth Century Yorubaland
Paroo, Alia York University The Ismailis in East Africa from 1850 to 1914
Reis, João Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil The 1807 Slave Revolt in Bahia
Salau, Mohammed Bashir York University Slaves in a Muslim City: A Survey of Slavery in Nineteenth Century Kano
Searcy, Kim Indiana University, USA Mahdist Proclamations on Slavery, the Slave Trade and Emancipation: 1885-1898
Sheriff, Abdul    Wissenschaftskolleg, Germany The Slave Trade and Slavery in the Western Indian Ocean Before the Portuguese
Tastan, Osman Ankara University, Turkey On the Notion of Slavery in Islamic Law: The Concept of Rights and Liberties Encountering the Historical Social Realities
Vernet, Thomas Université Paris 1, Pantheon-Sorbonne Swahili Slave Trade 1500-1750
Warner-Lewis, Maureen University of the West Indies, Jamaica Exclusivity and Compromise Among Islamic Africans in the Nineteenth Century Caribbean
Weststeijn, Johan University of Amsterdam, Netherlands Ibn al-Dahma'! Black Humor in the Arabic Biographical Tradition

Alpers, Edward A., UCLA at Los Angeles, USA
Chatterjee, Indrani, Rutgers State University of New Jersey, USA
Chafe, Kabiru S., Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
Clarence-Smith, William Gervase, SOAS - University of London, UK
Coifman, Vicky, University of Minnesota, USA
Curto, José, York University
Dewal, Henry, University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA
El Hamel, Chouki, Arizona State University, USA
Levtzion, Nehmeia, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Lovejoy, Paul E., York University
Salman, Michael, UCLA, USA
Toledano, Ehud R., Tel-Aviv University, Israel