Call for Papers
University of Southern California
Huntington Library Early Modern Studies Institute
April 30-May 2, 2004


In its inaugural year, the USC-Huntington Library Early Modern Studies Institute has chosen as its theme the early modern travel narrative. We will sponsor seminars and workshops on the theme beginning in the fall of 2003 and end with an interdisciplinary conference. Some events will be held at USC in downtown Los Angeles and some at the Huntington Library in San Marino. Contact us if you are interested in participating in any of these activities. Below is more information on the conference, to be held April 30-May 2, 2004.


Call for Papers

Current research has heightened curiosity about the production and circulation of early modern travel narratives and
images, and the consumers these works attracted. The kinds of questions that are of interest include:

- What relations exist between types of authors: pilgrims, missionaries, seamen, soldiers, merchants, officials, tourists etc.-- and the characteristics of narratives?
- How did the infrastructure for the circulation and storage of travel information and its personnel?scholars, printers, collectors, recyclers ? vary geographically and culturally?
- How did political and religious objectives channel or limit travel and travel narration?
- What does it means to tell a "story" as opposed to{"narrate"?
- To what extent are recitations of travel intended for other purposes, such as satire, skepticism, propaganda, commentary, or manifesto?
- To what extent did imaginary travel shape the representation of actual travel?
- Who read these narratives and viewed these images and how did they use them? -- Why did some productions survive while others faded from memory?

The Institute's scope is global, and we are especially interested in papers concerning travel narratives and images
circa 1450-1800 from non-European producers and the reception these materials received.

The conference will be held in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California April 30-May 2, 2004. Scholars
whose work relates to the theme of the conference and are interested in presenting a paper should send a one page proposal
to or through the mail to the address below by September 30, 2003. The conference committee is co-chaired by
Carole Shammas and John E. Wills Jr. and composed of scholars in art history, literature, and history. Those who are
invited to present papers will receive an honorarium and coverage of their travel expenses.

USC-Huntington Library Early Modern Studies Institute,
SOS Building Room 153,
University of Southern California,
Los Angeles CA 90089-0034.

Please feel free to distribute this announcement to any lists or individuals who might be interested.

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