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Conference on Slavery from Within
23-24 June 2005

From June 23-24, 2005 the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg, the Netherlands will host an international conference on slavery, entitled:

“Slavery From Within: Comparative Perspectives and Legacies in the Atlantic World”

In the discourse of Atlantic Slavery much has changed over the years. Since it became a major field of research in the second half of the twentieth century a shift has taken place from macro-studies ‘from above’ to micro-studies ‘from below/from within’.

This international conference on New World slavery and its contemporary legacies consists of two parts. The first day will focus on slavery in a variety of regions, the second day on its legacies. Researchers from the different parts of the enslaved New World will address the following questions: What is the general state of the art in slavery research in the different linguistic parts of the Americas? Is it possible and useful to make comparisons between the different areas, or have different research traditions and debates gone their own separate ways? What did slavery do to the enslaved and their descendants and what did the enslaved and their descendants do to the system they lived in? Which traces of slavery can be found today, varying from tangible to intangible, or even mental cultural heritage?

The presentations will cover slavery in countries such as Angola, Brazil, Cuba, Guyana, Martinique, the Netherlands Antilles, Suriname, the United States, and compare Dutch, French, and Spanish slave colonies. The conference will be preceeded by a seminar on slavery and its legacy in the Netherlands.

For the program and registration see: www.roosevelt.nl

For additional information, please, contact
dr. Hans Krabbendam,
Roosevelt Study Center,
Nieuwe Burg 42,
4331 AH Middelburg,
the Netherlands,
tel. 31(0)118-631590,

Conference Program (PDF) read