The Portuguese Student Association at York University proudly presents

March 15th, 2003 Junior Common Room, Winters College, York University

Sponsored by:

Dept. of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, York U.         Master, Winters College, York U.   
Portuguese Student Association at York U.                              Dean, Faculty of Arts, York U.
Consul Geral de Portugal em Toronto.                                     York International.
This one day conference explores the role(s) of Portugal in the World. The morning panel is devoted to dimensions of Portugal from the Roman era to the beginning of the first global village in the 1400s. The afternoon panel opens with a five-century sweep of Portuguese expansion, examines the case of the Portuguese in 19th century Brazil, and then focuses on contemporary Portuguese and their descendents in the context of Toronto, Ontario. The conference is open to all. Nevertheless, pre-registration is required by March 14 at noon. Pre-registration can be made either by phone (416-736-5584) or, preferably, by email <> .

9:30    Opening Remarks: Stephanie Silva, President, Portuguese Student Association at York U.

9:45 - 11:45     Panel 1: Portugal from the Roman Era to the First Global Village
Chair: Prof. José C. Curto, York University.

Prof. Jonathan Edmonson, York University, "Roman Portugal: The Impact of Rome"

Prof. Martin Elbl, Maproom 44 Ltd. and Trent University, "Portugal's Tangier Disaster, 1437: GIS, Satellite Imagery, and Warfare in the North African Além-Mar"

Prof. Ivana Elbl, Trent University, "The Way to Empire: Portuguese Society and the Fifteenth-century Overseas Expansion"

LUNCH: 12:00 - 1:45

2:00 - 4:45    Panel 2: Portugal from the First Global Village, via Brazil, to Canada
Chair: Prof. Manuela Marujo, University of Toronto.

Prof. Victor M. P. da Rosa, University of Ottawa, "Five Centuries of Portuguese Expansion: The Promise and the Reality"

Prof. Rosana Barbosa Nunes, Brock University and Glendon College (York), "The Portuguese Presence in 19th Century Brazil"

Prof. José Carlos Texeira, University of Toronto, "The Portuguese Community in Toronto"

Prof. Fernando Nunes, Brock University, "Paying Down the Mortgage of Marginalization: Issues and Prospects in the Education and Integration of Luso-descendants"

RECEPTION: 5:00 - 6:00

Department of History, York University,  Toronto, Canada
Fax: (416) 650-8173