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"Re-thinking the Americas at the threshold of the 21st century"
Santiago, Chile, July 14 - 18, 2003

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51st International Congress of Americanists
Santiago, Chile, 14-18 July 2003

One of the formative forces in the history of humanity during the last millennium has been the forced migration and Diaspora experience of enslaved Africans. The
Atlantic and particularly the South Atlantic have emerged as the context for contact between different geographic areas and the exchange and transferral of human beings, products, ideas, myths, discourses, rituals, gods and goddesses, reactions, resistances, symbols and cultural practices. This symposium will address the historical contexts that have provided the background for the African Diaspora especially in terms of typically African phenomenon, Atlantic connections, and the various American experiences of Diaspora. The themes targeted for this symposium encompass the complete range of Diaspora possibilities, from resistance to accommodation, from gender to religion, the slave trade to African ethnic origins and identity. To this end these issues will be addressed from different methodological and theoretical perspectives so as to enrich the available research on Africans and their experiences in Diaspora. Another of the broader aims of the symposium is to facilitate interchange and collaborative research

Papers must be presented in one of the four official languages of the conference, Spanish, Portuguese, French or English. Presenters can do no more than two presentations in one symposium or in two different ones. Please submit a 500-word abstract before November 30, 2002 to one of the symposium coordinators:

Rafael Díaz Díaz

Renée Soulodre-La France

Maria.Eugenia Chaves

Marta Maffia

Marta Goldberg

With the abstract please include your full name, profession, institutional affiliation, your complete address including e-mail, phone and fax numbers.

We should like to draw your attention to the registration fees for the 51st Americanists International Congress.
These are:

Participant with paper   Participant without paper Observer
Until 31 Dec. 2002 US $160 US $160      US $70
Until 31 May, 2003 US $ 200 US $ 200 US $ 80
After 1 June 2003 US $ 230 US $ 230 US $ 90

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