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Papers and Presentations of the Workshop on 
Database Construction and the African Diaspora

Paul E. Lovejoy, editor

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Paul E. Lovejoy, "Database Construction And The Harriet Tubman Resource Centre On The African Diaspora"

David Richardson, "Voyage Database Expansion and Related Databases"

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Manolo Florentino, "Biographical Database for Rio de Janeiro" 

arrow.gif (285 bytes)Gwendolyn Hall, "Mining Notarial Documents Databases:  What We Can Learn From Them" 

Rina Cáceres Gómez, "Proyecto de archivos centroamericanos: los afrocentroamericanos a traves de los archivos parroquiales y notariales"

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Viktoria Schmidt-Linsenhoff, "Memories of slavery. Trauma and representation in European and West- African art and visual culture. A database as instrument of research and transcultural communication." 

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Mariza de Carvalho Soares, "Imagens da escravidão no Brasil."

Yacine Daddi Addoun, "Slave Related Documents: Archives Nationales d'Algerie"

Carolyn Brown, "Memories of Horror and Loss: African Voices in the Atlantic Slave Trade - The Challenges of an Oral History of the Slave Trade and its Legacy in Southeastern Nigeria"

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Kimberley Davis and Peter Nagourney, "Sojourner Truth Terminus Database Project on the Underground Railroad"

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Renée Soulodre-La France, "A Database of the Enslaved Belonging to the Company of Jesus in Nueva Granada"  

Alison Games, "Biographical Databases and European Migration in the North Atlantic"

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Rick Halpern, "Documenting the Louisiana Sugar Economy: An Ongoing Data Project" 

Jane Landers, "Sacramental and Civil Records of Eighteenth-Century Florida"

José Curto, "Recaptured Fugitive Slaves in Angola, 1846-1877"

João Reis and Paul Lovejoy, "Bahian Probate Inventory for Santo Amaro, Cachoeira, Caetite, São Francisco do Conde, and Salvador"

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Rafael Díaz Diaz, "La Diaspora Africana y las Bases de Datos"

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