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Papers and Presentations of the Workshop on 
Database Construction and the African Diaspora

Paul E. Lovejoy, editor

  The Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora hosted a  Workshop on Database
Construction and the African Diaspora, July 2-12,  at York University. The purpose of the Workshop was to explore issues relating to database construction  on topics of the African diaspora. The Workshop was organized over two weeks, beginning with two days   of formal presentations, followed by a week and a half of targeted workshops devoted to database  construction.

  On 2-3 July, there were formal presentations of  database projects, followed by discussion. From 4-12 July, there were informal working sessions devoted  to database construction. Selected projects currently underway were identified at a plenary session for  the working sessions. There were opportunity to work with various databases.

  The Workshop is WAS !!!!!! intended for  graduate students and scholars studying the African diaspora, and specifically will allow a hands-on approach to   databases and their construction. Computers and databases were available for registered participants.Graduate students at York University were assigned specific projects as assistants in the use and modification  of existing databases and in the construction or expansion of current projects.

  The on-line publication of the workshop presentations is achieved through  an interaction between text, image and database, and hence is not amenable  to traditional scholarly publication. Moreover, these presentations should  be seen as "works-in-progress" but intended to make known the range and  complexity of dababase construction that is underway in relation to the African diaspora.

  Special thanks to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for its generous support, as well as York University, especially Founders College, the Department of History, the Office of the Vice President (Research and Development), the Office of the Vice President (Academic Affairs), and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts.


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