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African Diaspora Newsletter No.11


Olatunji Ojo successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on December 4, 2003. His thesis is entitled "Warfare, Slavery and the Transformation of Eastern Yorubaland c. 1820-1900"; it was supervised by Paul Lovejoy, with Sydney Kanya-Forstner and David Trotman on the supervisory committee.

Denise Challenger has been awarded the York University Professional Development and Graduate Development Funds and the Albert Tucker Award in British Graduate History.

Nadine Hunt will participate in the York International Internship Program at Centro de Investigaciones Históricas en America Central, Universidad de Costa Rica (Summer 2004) and was awarded a York International Mobility Award (Summer 2004) and the Stevenson Scholar in African Studies Award (2003).

Alia Paroo sat and passed her PhD qualifying comprehensive examinations in April 2004.

Robert Stewart received the William A. Dimma Bursary (2004).

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