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Publications of Graduate Students and Former Graduate Students 
Associated with the York/UNESCO Nigerian Hinterland Project

Graduate Student Publications
Graduate Students at York University

Behnaz A. Mirzai, "African presence in Iran: identity and its reconstruction", Revue Franaise d'histoire d'Outre Mer, Paris. (Forthcoming)

Behnaz Mirzai Asl, "The Abolition of the Slave Trade in Iran in 1848," Slavery and Abolition, ed. Gwyn Campbell (London: Frank Cass, forthcoming)

Behnaz Mirzai Asl, "The Re/Formation of an African Diasporic Identity in Iran: a Cultural and Historical Perspective," in Pule Firuzeh (Tehran: Cultural Research Bureau. forthcoming)

Ismael Musah Montana, "The Hatk al-Sitr of Al-Timbuktawi: An Early Nineteenth-Century Account of Bori Practice in the Regency of Tunis," Arab Historical Review for Ottoman Studies, 24 (2001), 63-78

Mohamed Kassim, "Aspects Of The Banadir Cultural History: The Case Of The Bravan Ulama," in A. Ahmed, ed., The Invention of Somalia (Trenton NJ: Red Sea Press, 1994)

Mohamed Kassim, "Islam And Swahili Culture On The Banadir Coast," Northeast African Studies, 2:3 (1995), 21-37

Mohamed Kassim, "Dhikr Will Echo From All Corners: Dada Masiti And The Transmission Of Islamic Knowledge," Bildhaan: International Journal of Somali Studies, 2 (2001)

Mohamed Kassim, "Stringing Coral Beads: Didacticism And Vernacular Verse In Brava," in T. Adera and A. Ahmed, eds, In Critical Studies in Northeast African Literatures (Trenton NJ: Red Sea Press, forthcoming 2000)

Mohamed Kassim, "Brava," entry in the Encyclopaedia Aethiopica (Hamburg, Germany), forthcoming.

Mohamed Kassim, "The Arabic Writings of Somalia," in R.S. O'Fahey and John Hunwick, eds., Arabic Literature of Africa , vol. 3, The Writings of Eastern Sudanic Africa, Leiden: Brill, forthcoming.

Olatunji Ojo, Eight entries in John Middleton (ed.) Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara (New York: Charles Scribner & Sons, 1997) Abeokuta, Chamba, Kanuri, Thomas Babington Macaulay, N'djamena, Oyo, Porto Novo and Niamey.

Olatunji Ojo, "From Slavery to Stardom: the Story of Asamo Famugbode", Historia: Journal of the Student Historical Society of Nigeria, 1999

Olatunji Ojo, "Ibadan Farm Slaves", Nigerian Journal of Economic History, 2 (2001)

Olatunji Ojo, "More than Farmers' Wives: Yoruba Women and Cash Crop Production, C.1920- 1957' in Adebayo Oyebade (ed.), The transformation of Nigeria: Essays in honor of Toyin Falola (Trenton and Asmara: Africa World Press, Inc. 2001), 383-404

Olatunji Ojo, "Writing Female Farmers Into History: The Case of Yoruba Food Production Sector" in Toyin Falola & Christian Jennings (eds.),AFRICANIZING KNOWLEDGE: African Studies Across the Disciplines (Somerset, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2002)

Olatunji Ojo, "State, Elite and Revenue System in Ondo District c. 1870-1900," in O. Ogunremi and C.O. Adesina (eds), The Political Economy of Nigeria: Essays in honor of Kenneth Onwuka Dike (Ibadan, forthcoming)

Oscar Grandio Moráguez, "Cuba y las Ong's," ISRI, La Habana, Cuba, 1994
Oscar Grandio Moráguez, "Las Ong's en las Relaciones Internacionales," Revista del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba, La Habana, Cuba, 1995
Oscar Grandio Moráguez, "La Cultura Arara en Cuba, Revista Afroasiatica," COLMEX, Mexico, January 2000

Ibrahim Hamza, "The Oral History of Royal Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate: An Interview with Sallama Dako," History in Africa, 28 (2001), 273-291 (with Sean Stilwell and Paul E. Lovejoy)

Ibrahim Hamza, "Gender and the Administration of Justice in Kano Emirate, Northern Nigeria 1926-1954" in Richard Roberts (ed.) Colonialism and Muslim Family Law in Africa, Stanford, (2003)

Ibrahim Hamza (York University), "The Hausa Community in Bahia, 1800-1835," in John Oriji (ed.), Nigerian Diaspora in the Americas (Berkeley, University of California Press, forthcoming 2003)

Graduate Students at Other Universities

Audra A. Diptee (University of Toronto), "Indian Men, Afro-creole Women: 'Casting' Doubt on Interracial Sexual Relationships between the Indo and Afro Communities of the Late Nineteenth Century Caribbean," Immigrants and Minorities, 19:3 (2000), 1-24

Audra A. Diptee (University of Toronto), Entries in Encyclopedia of Colonialism, ed. Melville Page. Entries include 'British West Indies', 'Haiti', 'Mercantilism', 'CLR James', 'George Padmore', and 'Eric Williams.' (New York: East River Books, forthcoming 2002).
Audra A. Diptee (University of Toronto), "Afro-Caribbeans" in Encyclopedia of Minorities, ed. Robin Rone (Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, forthcoming 2002).

Silke Strickrodt (University of Stirling), 'Those Wild Scenes': Africa in the Travel Writings of Sarah Lee (1791-1856) (Glienecke/Berlin and Cambridge/Mass.: Galda + Wilch Verlag, 1998)

Silke Strickrodt (University of Stirling), "On Mummies, Balloons and Moving Houses. Jane (Webb) Loudon's The Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century (1827)," in Elmar Schenkel and Stefan Welz, eds., Lost Worlds and Mad Elephants; Literature, Science and Technology 1700-1900 (Glienecke/Berlin and Cambridge/ Mass.: Galda + Wilch Verlag, 1999), 51-60.

Silke Strickrodt and Law, Robin, eds., Ports of the Slave Trade (Bights of Benin and Biafra). Papers from a conference of the Centre of Commonwealth Studies, University of Stirling, June 1998 (Stirling: Centre of Commonwealth Studies, University of Stirling, 1999).

Silke Strickrodt (University of Stirling), "'Geschichten über fremde Länder': Das Afrikabild in den Werken der Sarah Lee," in Afrika in der europäischen Fiktion 1689-1856 (University of Leipzig Papers on Africa, History and Culture Series No. 7, Leipzig, 2001), 15-23.

Silke Strickrodt (University of Stirling), "Une source négligée de l'histoire de Petit-Popo: les archives de Thomas Miles 1789-1796," in A l'écoute de l'histoire, vol 1 of: Le tricentenaire d'Aneho et du pays guin, ed. by N. L. Gayibor (Lomé, 2001), 59-101

Silke Strickrodt (University of Stirling), "A Neglected Source for the History of Little Popo: the Thomas Miles Papers ca.1789-1796," History in Africa 28 (2001), 293-330

Silke Strickrodt (University of Stirling), "At the Top of the Tree: Fantastic Tree-Top Worlds in English Fiction (ca. 1890-1914)," Inklings-Jahrbuch für Literatur und Ästhetik (Moers: Brendow Verlag, 2001), 10-34
Ph.D. Theses and Publications of Former Graduate Students Associated with the
York/UNESCO Nigerian Hinterland Project 

Ph.D. Theses, York University

Ibrahim Muhammad Jumare, "Land Tenure in the Sokoto Caliphate of Nigeria" (1996)

Edmund Abaka, "Kola Nut Production in Ghana (Gold Coast and Asante), 1865-1920" (1998)

Juanita Louise De Barros, "Contested Terriotires: Public Space in Colonial Georgetown 1889-1924" (1998)

Juanita de Barros, "Order and Place in a Colonial City: Patterns of Struggle and Resistance in Georgetown, British Guiana, 1889-1924"  McGill-Queen's University Press (2002)

Sean Stilwell, "The Kano Mamluks: Royal Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate, 1807-1903" (1999)

Kwabena Opare Akurang-Parry, "'Missy Queen in Her Palaver Says de Gole Cosse Slaves is
Free': The British Abolition of Slavery/Pawnship and Colonial Labour Recruitment in the Gold
Coast (Southern Ghana), 1874-ca. 1940" (1999)

Femi James Kolapo, "Military Turbulence, Population Displacement and Commerce on a Slaving
Frontier of the Sokoto Caliphate: Nupe c. 1810-1857" (1999)


Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, " 'To Wassa Fiase for Gold': Rethinking Colonial Rule, El Dorado, Antislavery, and Chieftaincy in the Gold Coast, 1874-95," History in Africa,

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Africa and the Second World War," In Toyin Falola (ed.)., African History and Culture, (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, forthcoming), vol. IV

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Making a Difference in Colonial Interventionism in Gold Mining in Wassa Fiase, Gold Coast (Ghana): The Social & Political Activism of Two Women 1874-1893," in Jaclyn G. Viskovatoff and Laurie Mercier (eds.), Mining Women: Gender, Race and Global Capitalism, 1800-2000 (forthcoming)

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "'The Loads are Heavier than Usual': Female Forced Labor in the Central Province, Gold Coast (Colonial Ghana) ca.1900-1940," African Economic History

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "'With a Load on His Head and Nothing in His Hands': The Opposition of the Gold Coast (Ghana) Press to the Compulsory Labor Ordinance, 1895-ca.1899," Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "`We Cast About for a Remedy': The Opposition of the Gold Coast Press to the Chinese Mine Labor Experiment in the Gold Coast, ca. 1874-1914," International Journal of African Historical Studies

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Rethinking the 'Slaves of Salaga': Post-Proclamation Slavery in the Gold Coast, 1874-1899," Left History

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Teen Life in Ghana, 1874 to the Present: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives," in Toyin Falola (ed.), Teen Life in Africa (New York: Greenwood Publishing Company, forthcoming)

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Africa and the First World War." In Toyin Falola (ed.)., African History and Culture (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2002), vol. 3, 53-68

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "'What Is and What Is Not the Law:' Imprisonment for Debt and the Institution of Pawnship in the Gold Coast, 1821-1899." In Toyin Falola and Paul E. Lovejoy (eds.), Pawnship, Slavery and Colonialism in Africa (New Brunswick, N.J.: Africa World Press, 2002)

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Otherizing Space and Cultures of Africa: The American Media's Coverage of President Bill Clinton's Visit to Ghana," Journal of Cultural Studies 3:1 (2001), 74-89

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "A Campaign to get Fetishes Destroyed": A Note on the Basel Mission's Pupil Recruitment and Proselytization in the Gold Coast (Modern Ghana) 1850-1877," Historisch Tijdschrift Groniek, 151 (2001), 157-168

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Colonial Forced Labor Strategies for Road-Building in the Gold Coast (Southern Ghana) and International Anti-Forced Labor Pressures, 1900-1940," African Economic History, 28 (2001), 23-47

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "`A Smattering of Education' and Petitions as Sources: A Study of African Slave Holders' Response to Abolition in the Gold Coast," History in Africa, 27 (2000), 39-60 ._read.jpg (1704 bytes)new.gif (116 bytes)

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "The Administration of Abolition Laws, African Responses, and Post-Proclamation Slavery in Colonial Southern Ghana, 1874-1940," in Suzanne Miers and Martin Klein (eds.), Slavery and Colonial Rule in Africa (London: Frank Cass, 1999), 149-166

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "Slavery and Abolition in the Gold Coast (Southern Ghana): Colonial Modes of Emancipation and African Initiatives," Ghana Studies, 1 (1998), 11-34

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "The Internet and the Debasement of Women in Ghana." Refuge, 17:5 (1998), 13-17

Kwabena O. Akurang-Parry, "The Administration of Abolition Laws, African Responses, and Post-Proclamation Slavery in Colonial Southern Ghana, 1874-1940," Slavery and Abolition, 19:2 (1998), 149-166

Femi Kolapo, "Trading Ports of the Niger-Benue Confluence Area, c.1830-1873," in R. C. Law and Silke Strickrodt, eds., Ports of the Slave Trade (Bights of Benin and Biafra) Papers from a Conference of the Centre of Commonwealth Studies, University of Stirling, June 1998 edited by (Centre of Commonwealth Studies, University of Stirling, 1999), 96-121

Femi Kolapo, "Post-abolition Niger River Commerce and the 19th Century Igala Political
Crisis," African Economic History 27 (1999): 45-67

Femi Kolapo, "CMS Missionaries of African Origin and Extra-religious Encounters at the Niger- Benue Confluence, 1858-1880," African Studies Review 43:2 (2000): 87-115

Femi Kolapo, "The 1858-59 Gbebe Journal OF CMS Missionary James Thomas," History in Africa 27 (2000): 159-192

Femi Kolapo, "The Ife Origin and Creation Myths," Groniek Historisch Tijdschrift 151 (2001): 121-36

Femi Kolapo, "The Political Impact of European Rule," in Falola, T., ed., Africa Vol. 3: Colonial Africa, 1885-1939 (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2002), 87-105

Femi Kolapo, "Central Africa," in Toyin Falola, ed., Africa Vol. 3: Colonial Africa, 1885-1939 (Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2002)

Sean Stilwell, The Kano Mamluks: Royal Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate, 1804-1903 (London: Heinemann's Social History of Africa Series, forthcoming 2002

Sean Stilwell, with Ibrahim Hamza and Paul E. Lovejoy, "The Oral History of Royal Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate: An Interview with Sallama Dako," History in Africa 28 (2001), 273-291

Sean Stilwell, "Power, Honour and Shame: The Ideology of Royal Slavery in the Sokoto Caliphate," Africa 70, 3 (2000), 394-421

Sean Stilwell, "Culture, Kinship and Power: The Evolution of Royal Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Kano," African Economic History 27 (1999), 177-215 _read.jpg (1704 bytes)new.gif (116 bytes)

Sean Stilwell, "'Amana' and 'Asiri': Royal Slave Culture and the Colonial Regime in Kano, 1903-1926," Slavery and Abolition 19, 2 (1998), 167-188

Sean Stilwell, "The Economic History of the Central Sudan," in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History, Joel Mokyr, ed. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

Sean Stilwell, "The Development of a 'Mamluk' System in the Sokoto Caliphate, 1804-1903," in Paul E. Lovejoy (ed.), African Slaves in Dar es-Salaam: Slavery and the Muslim Diaspora (Princeton: Markus Wiener Publisher, 2002)

Sean Stilwell, "The Imposition of Colonial Rule," in Toyin Falola (ed.), African History and Culture, Volume III. Colonial Africa, 1885-1939 ( Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2002), 3-25

Sean Stilwell, "The Power of Knowledge and the Knowledge of Power: Kinship, Community and Royal Slavery in Kano, 1807-1903," in Toru Miura and John Edward Philips (eds.), Elite Slavery in the Middle East and Africa: A Comparative Study (London: Kegan Paul, 2000), 117-158

Sean Stilwell, "Eunuchs," in A Historical Guide to World Slavery, Stanley Engerman and Seymour Drescher (eds.) (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998)

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