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The Digitalization of Knowledge:
Tribal Ignorance and the African Diaspora

Paul E. Lovejoy FRSC
Distinguished Research Professor
Canada Research Chair in African Diaspora History

Illustrations #47-71: The individuals of slavery

Despite the ways in which people identified through religious expression or otherwise confronted the conditions of slavery, they were still individuals, wrenched from social and kin relationships that were severed permanently, whatever attempts to substitute for these lost relationships achieved. Individuals were isolated in their history of enslavement, but previous social realities are often apparent in the facial, body and physical features of identification that have been recorded in the idealized images of slavery from various sources. The great variety of identifying features seen in these representations are suggested in Illustrations No. 46-70; Muslims are identifiable as as as sub-group of "Africans" in No. 64-70.

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2002 Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies