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Paul E. Lovejoy Letters of the Old Calabar Slave Trade, 1760-1789
(Paper by Paul Lovejoy and David Richard )
13-Sept., 99
Ivana Elbl The King's Business in Africa: Decisions and Strategies of the Portuguese Crown: 1450-1521 28-Sept., 99
David Eltis Transatlantic Connections: the Contribution of the New Slave Trade Database (CD-ROM Demo, No Paper) 4-Oct., 1999
David Eltis Gender and the Slave Trade in the Early Modern Atlantic World 4-Oct., 99
Gwendolyn Midlo Hall In search of African Roots: the Louisiana Slave and Free Database (CD-ROM Demo, No Paper) 18-Oct., 99
Gwendolyn Midlo Hall African Ethnicities in the Americas: evidence from the Louisiana Slave Database 18-Oct., 99
Femi Kolapo Missionaries and Traders' Reports and the Creation of a Slave Biographical Database for the Nigerian Hinterland: Challenges and Prospects 1-Nov., 99


Rebin Law On the African Background to the Slave Insurrection in Saint-Domingue (Haïti) in 1791: the Bois Caiman Ceremony and the Dahomian 'Blood Pact' 8-Nov., 99


Edward A. Alpers Becoming "Mozambique": Diaspora and Identity in Mauritius 15-Nov., 99
Julie Winch "A Gentleman of the Pave": James Forten and the issue of race in Philadelphia's Antebellum business community 1-Dec., 99
Monica Schuler Liberated Central Africans in Nineteenth-Century Guyana 24-Jan., 00
Ann O'Hear Elite Slaves and Their Descendants: Ilorin in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 31-Jan., 00
Thabit Abdullah Overview of Basra's Commercial Links and Their Decline in the Eighteenth-Century 7-Feb., 00
Philip Morgan The World of Books and the Real World: an Eighteenth-Century Jamaican Perspective

28-Feb., 00

Renée Soulodre-La France Socially Not So Dead! Slave Identities in Bourbon Nueva Granada

6-March, 00

José Curto The Story of Nbena: from illegal enslavement back to freedom in Benguela, Angola, 1816-1819 20-March,00
Verene Shepherd Slavery without Sugar in Jamaica's Plantation Society: some implications for enslaved and enslavers

28-March, 00

Sean O'Fahey Islam, Language and Ethnicity in Eastern Africa: some literary considerations

3-Apr., 00

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