Nellie Langford Rowell Women's Studies Library


The need

Although the library has a small endowment and receives support from the university, our income is not increasing - and costs are. So we rely on our supporters to donate books, periodicals, and other material, and to support us financially.

The library is a service institution, so the largest part of our budget goes on staff time to keep the library open and accessible for 43 hours a week during the academic year.

We appreciate your support - and we can put it to good use!


We can give tax-deductible receipts for donations in cash or kind to the library.

Donated material that the library cannot use (for example, books or journals of which we already have multiple copies) is sent on, if the donor agrees, to college books sales, although we cannot supply tax receipts for material we do not keep.


We have on several occasions been given collections of books or materials from institutions that no longer want or are able to keep such material, and we have also been given books that belonged to feminists who are deceased. Others have willed us their women's studies books to be donated after their death. All of these are recognized tax receipts.

Although we want all our patrons to live long and happily, we urge you to consider arranging posthumous donations, or simply to write into your will a legacy for the Nellie Langford Rowell Library.

For information, please call the coordinator, Vicky Drummond, at (416) 736-5735.

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