Women's Words / Mots de femmes

1994 exhibit for Persons Day: visitors' comments, written on a shower curtain
Nellie Langford Rowell Women's Studies Library

women + voice = more voice

How wondrous the love of the Great Mother for all her children - Khaeli

Today I celebrate who I am and all that I have yet to be - Trisha

The great celestial word-barrow is powered by mothers' milk

Celebrate the TRINITY: Maiden, Mother, Crone

Your silence around race will not protect you - Heather/Michèle

Wait til my sons can read. They will read about strong womyn, womyn with spirit and passions, Womyn that I love. Will they dare to love a womyn like mom?

We ate the cake ... and it was as delicious as women's words. GB.

My brother is just learning to read but I'm glad I already know how. It's just better.
by Sarah I'm 8.


My mother would understand. 100 jobs and that drive to get it done. Model - friend - pioneer - explorer - nurturer - mother - caring, music, sincere, free - non-judgmental. Pleased that they thought I'm like her. She is here with me. In the days, the work, with love! Cora

Moms: please be careful what fairy tales you let your daughters believe. Sonnet

My Life. I've done it all! Married, divorced. Raised 2 kids, moved 7 time, immigrated 7 times, worked 17 years in an office and a home, wrote a book, etc... Now I'm starting to live ... I've just begun my first year towards my B.A.!!! Yes!! Jabeen

come together in peace

It is a wonderful and necessary thing to register women's words and lives in material, tangible ways, such as this exhibition. I would have liked to have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the other contributors - perhaps that will happen. Community is important, I appreciate this space as an aspect of female community arranged with care and warmth. FAP.

Faye Pickrem's artwork.
Women's Words

Credit: John Dawson

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