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Making Interactive New Media Art
Week 8

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Recursion and Reflexivity, Looping

W8 Announcements:

  • Now that co-curricular days are over for the Fall, all tutorials are on the same week of class together!

  • Remember, the Digital Media Art and Technology Learning Lab (ATLL), ACW 102, is open for expanded hours, and could be a good place for any A2 groups to meet.

    - You can meet in the lab even if none of you have a lab card, you just wouldn't be able to use lab equipment while here outside of class time.

    - However, if one or more people in your A2 group has a lab card, the number of lab cards = the number of people in your group who can use lab equipment (i.e. lab computers) if you are meeting in the lab during open time.

    - Find out about lab cards and how to purchase a lab card (from the Lab/Server Info page).

  • The A2 proposal is due to the A2 proposal assignment link on the week 9 page in Moodle BEFORE the beginning of Week 9 tutorials! Late A2 proposals receive a 0.

  • During week 8 and 9 tutorials, each A2 Individual/Group will briefly meet with the tutorial leader to discuss your approach A2. You need to have started making decisions and plans, and have worked on some diagrams/maps/concept drawings or initial pages so that you can receive initial guidance to help you make progress on A2.

  • Week 8 Moodle Quiz (4%) on the Anthropy reading at the beginning of tutorial this week!

    Multiple choice, T/F, and match questions on excerpts from Anna Anthropy's book Rise of the Videogame Zinesters. This reading is posted on the W8 Moodle page (follow the week 8 link) for you to download.

  • Make sure to practice new JavaScript skills at least 3 times a week.
    There is one final quiz, which will be about JavaScript, so everyone needs to know basic JS skills up to and including week 8 material.
    But be intelligent about focusing your group's energies and dividing up work. Not everyone needs to know how to do everything, yet at the same time it is useful to have more than one person with a particular skill.

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W8 Lecture Agenda:

  • Looping, Iterations, Recursion, Reflexivity

    (to be displayed in lecture)
  • Examples of Playful Artworks/Games (Relevant to Recursion/Irony/Satire) :

    (to be displayed in lecture)

    Examples of Games Relevant to Reflexivity/Contemplation:

    (to be displayed in lecture)

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In Week 8 Lab/Tutorial

  • Week 8 Moodle Quiz (4% of final mark) on Anthropy:

    Quiz at the beginning of Lab/Tutorial:

    • Please put all notes, binders, computers, phones, other electronic devices, in your bag and close it up. Keep your materials closed up in your bag until all quizzes are completed.

    • The quiz can take you a maximum of 20 minutes, has 8 questions, and is marked out of 10.

    • You have one attempt at the quiz.

    • Once you answer a question and move on, the quiz _will_ let you go back to edit answers to questions.

    • Log in to Moodle, and go to the DATT 1939 course page in Moodle. (If you can't do this, notify your lab leader immediately!)

    • Follow the W8 link on the main DATT 1939 Moodle page, and then click on your Lab's quiz.

    • Wait for your Lab leader to provide you with the quiz password.

  • Answer this question in groups, then share with tutorial:

    - Springboarding from some of the concepts brought up on page 3 of the material by Anna Anthropy (posted in Moodle under W7), what are some of the actions that the audience could take during your A2?
    - Given the A2 environment of HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, how will your a2 "TAKE INPUT"?

  • JavaScript - from the week 8 section of the Resources page

    • Brief Intro. to JavaScript loops
      - Basic While Loops in JavaScript
      - Basic While Loops - require name at prompt - simple example

    • Brief Intro. to JavaScript keypresses
      - Explanation: Getting which key was pressed with onkeypress and charCode
      - Keypresses move a div - kludgey version

    • We do not usually have time to go through the JavaScript Div interactions during tutorial, so look at them and dig into them starting now, if you think they may be useful for your A2. After trying to figure them out, you can always write down your main questions and email your TA or ask in person!

      Also, because the Keypresses move a div example above is partially based on the first div example, this should help you understand a little about the div examples.

    • Try out ways to edit and adapt the above JS.
      Are there ways to combine looping or keypresses or div interactions with previous kinds of JavaScript we've explored?

  • Further consider Assignment 2 (due in week 12)

  • Meet briefly, as an A2 I / G, with your Tutorial leader.

  • Make a plan for A2 work for the coming week(s).

  • Look at the Minimum code/skills for week 8

  • Before you leave lab, if you are in a group, ensure everyone in your A2 group knows the latest plan for A2 work and communication

  • If there is time during lab, work on your Assignment 2.

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To do after week 8 lab...

  • The A2 proposal is due on the week 9 page in Moodle BEFORE the beginning of Week 9 tutorials! Late A2 proposals receive a 0.

  • During week 9 tutorial, each A2 Individual/Group will meet briefly with your tutorial leader to discuss your approach to the A2. Because you will have handed in the A2 proposal before your week 9 tutorial, the proposal can be part of the discussion with your tutorial leader. Start considering possible JS coding, and work on some diagrams or pages so that your tutorial leader can give you more useful guidance to help you make progress on A2.

  • Work on Assignment 2.

  • Work on the Minimum code/skills for week 8 -- experiment with different options and choices.

  • As we do not have time to go through JavaScript Div interactions during tutorial, look the examples over, and dig into them if relevant to your A2. If you are having trouble figuring them out, make a note of your main questions as soon as possible, and ask your tutorial leader.

  • Plan to attend lectures. Lecture clarifies concepts and requirements for A2, and inspires ideas and concepts for the A2. Lecture also provides tips about quizzes.

  • Fix Permissions for your A1, if tutorial leader requests.

    Can't see your A1 through the Student Work page? Getting a Forbidden message even though you have an index.html page in your a1 folder in your datt1939 folder in your Sites folder on the DM server? Are some images not loading (even though you have triple-checked that you have uploaded them correctly and linked/loaded them correctly in HTML)? You may have permissions problems with files in your a1 folder.

    While you are in the lab, you can fix permissions problems with A1 files (.html pages, images, .css files) that you've put onto the DM server. Fix those problems by fixing the folder the files are in. You cannot fix permissions problems from home.

    See what permissions problems are, how they can show up, and how to fix them while in the ATLL by looking at the week 5 section of the Resources page

  • Practice needed techniques (particularly JavaScript) a minimum of 3x a week.

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