Scripting versus Programming

JavaScript is a scripting language. Others include ActionScript, PHP, etc.
Java is a programming language. Others include C++.

What is the difference?

1) Scripted languages are interpreted within another program (like JavaScript is put within HTML and then interpreted by the browser).

Programmed languages are compiled into a more compact form that does not need to be interpreted by another application in the same way. The compiled result is stand-alone.

2) A scripted language like JavaScript can be edited in a text editor; this works together with the fact that JS source code is accessible by viewing the source of the HTML file in the browser.

A compiled language generally cannot be extracted once it is compiled. It is not possible to view the source code. If you try, it will look like garbled nonsense.

"JavaScript must be placed inside an HTML document to function."
"JavaScript is text that is fed into a browser that can read it and then is enacted by the browser."

"Java is a much larger and more complicated language that creates "standalone" applications. A Java "applet" (so-called because it is a little application) is a fully contained program."

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3) Scripted languages may tend to be easier to learn, and can take less code to get something done.

Partly this is because programming languages may have more traditional structures and sometimes more rigorous or complex concerns to address.

4) "The main difference between the programming language and scripting language is that the scripting language does not create any binary files (executables) and no memory will be allocated. For programming languages on compilation make binaries (either executables or libraries). These binaries executes from system’s memory. Scripting language is a very limited, high-level language that is application-specific."

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"PHP is a scripting language because it has a certain lifetime. You can execute a PHP script, and it can build a whole class-structure, but when the last line is executed, the class-structure is gone and out of memory. That is a complete other approach than JAVA or C++ for example..."

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"There are no actual concrete global difference between scripting and programming languages when it comes to the actual code."
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