BBEdit - Create a New HTML Document

  1. If you wish to create a new web page inside BBEdit, the fastest and most convenient way is to use the HTML Tools palette. This is because BBEdit can type out your DOCTYPE tag and correct HTML page structure for you in a few easy steps.

    If your HTML Tools palette is not open, you can open it by going to Window > Palettes > HTML MarkUp Tools

  2. Once your HTML Tools palette is open:
    Select the New Document... button at the top of the HTML Tools palette.

    [shows New Document button]
  3. A dialog window should open up, allowing you to insert the DOCTYPE you want to use (change the DOCTYPE to HTML5 for this course):

    [shows New Document dialogue window options]

  4. In general, you should also choose a character set (Charset) of UTF-8. Setting the Charset helps make your HTML document more likely to work with some of the online syntax checkers if you don't have access to BBEdit.

  5. You can set the title text for your page in this window, if you wish. Or you can type in later the usual way (in your HTML code).

  6. Depending on BBEdit's set preferences, you may need to also choose Create New Window (if it is available at the bottom of the dialog) if you don't have an empty BBEdit document window already open. This checked option creates a new document window in BBEdit and put your chosen DOCTYPE and HTML structure into it.
    If an empty BBEdit window is already open, you do not need to check Create New Window (or it may not even be available) because the DOCTYPE and HTML structure will appear in the empty window.

  7. Once you've set the options in the dialog, click OK, and your new page with the desired DOCTYPE and HTML structure will appear.