Connect to the DM server from home - For Apple users:

1) Open a Finder window

2) From the menu, select Go > Connect to Server...

3) In the dialog window that opens, for Server Address:

type in
or afp://
(if they are not already there)

4) Use your lab login to connect (meaning, enter the same username and password as you do when you log in to the lab computers)

5) A dialog window will open to prompt you for "a volume to mount":

You may find you are being shown the list of DMSTUDENT_x and NDMSTUDENT_x volumes

6) First, look at and scroll down the list for a volume that is named your login ID (the first part of your email address). Select it.

If you can't find a volume that is named your login ID, look for the NDMSTUDENT_x volume that ends with the same last number that your student number ends with. Select it.

7) Once you have selected the volume, it will be visible in the left side bar in your Finder windows while you are connected, as well as available as a volume/drive on your desktop. You can double-click it to go in and find your account and your Sites folder, and put files and folders into your account.

8) When you are finished moving files to/from your DM server account, please disconnect from the volume/drive by "ejecting" it, or by dragging the icon on the desktop into the trash.

NOTE: Leaving this connection open for long periods of time may not be wise, particularly if your internet connection is not high speed, reliable, or if your computer is inclined to crash. My advice for now is to be cautious, and to connect only to transfer your files to and from your account (not to work directly on files that are sitting on the DM server, which could increase the chance of crashes or corrupted files).