Quick Reference: Selectors and Link Colors

CSS Selector reminders:

tagletters { }     - a tag (element) selector like     h1 { }
    (selects all of those tags on the page)

.classname { }     - a class
    (can have as many elements with this exact class name attached on the page as you wish)

#idname { }     - an id
    (can have only element with this exact id name attached on the page)

h1, h2, h3 {color: blue;}     - set multiple selectors to the same setting by separating them with commas
h1, .urgent, .otherclass {color: yellow;}    

h1.urgent {color: orange;}     - a particular class but only of a particular tag
h1#winner {color: red;}     - a particular id but only of a particular tag

CSS link colours:

a:link {color: #0000FF;}
a:visited {color: #990099;}
a:focus {color: #66CCFF;}
a:hover {color: #66CCFF;}
a:active {color: #FF0000;}

  /* CSS Comment --Explanation of above Link States:
  a:link - a link that has not been visited
  a:visited - a visited link
  a:focus - the link currently selected with the keyboard
  a:hover - a link when your mouse is rolled over it 
  a:active - a link you are holding your mouse down on