DATT 1939 Week 4 - Minimum Code/Techniques to Practice Before Week 5

Catch up on Minimum Code/Techniques for Week 1 and Week 2 and Week 3 if needed.
(Everything in grey on these pages, plus some additional content below the grey section, is the minimum.)

Using basic selectors to select individually-named divs using ids or classes.

Set the POSITION of divs using CSS.

Understand the difference between absolute and fixed positioning.

Set the width and/or height of positioned divs using CSS.

Understand the problem you cause yourself if you set a fixed position div to a position
off the right side of the browser window so it can't be seen. 
  - Compare what happens if you do the same thing to an absolute div.

Read over z-index with positioned divs

Some More Code/Techniques You Could Try This Week

Try z-index examples with positioned divs.

Try other CSS from Week 4 section of the Resources page:
 - CSS Overflow
 - Div Borders
 - Change Cursors
 - Individual Link Effects
 Etc., etc.

Try other HTML/CSS from Week 3 section of the Resources page.

Try other HTML/CSS from Week 2 section of the Resources page.

Have an idea of what blocklevel versus inline tag rules are 
(for example, bold tags go inside paragraph tags, not vice versa).

Try a few a syntax checks in BBEdit, or using an online checker, and correct any syntax errors that come up, and check again.

Finally, you could try other tags, CSS rules, links, information from the week 2 or week 3 notes not listed above.

If you want more, feel free to look up online HTML5 or CSS resources, (including sites like Codecademy or W3Schools) and/or ask your tutorial leader for pointers...