Some Group Work Preparation:

Everyone in the group is responsible for the project.
Communication in the group is the responsibility of each group member AND the group as a whole.

Know Thyself and Know Thy Group:

know thyself (you, the individual reading this)

- what are your tendencies in group work?
- what are your strengths in group work?
- what are your weaknesses in group work?
- what can you bring to a group?

Consider your communication/listening skills, technical skills, time-management skills, knowledge of programs, access to hardware/software, artistic skills/interests, mediation skills, other qualities (like comittment, humour, persistence, calm, responsibility), snacks, etc...

Which of the following can you contribute?

Organization skills

People skills

Participation skills (being on time, showing up, communicating, having responsibility, having tenacity)


- basic html
- CSS2 and CSS3
- extra stuff we're not teaching: tables, CSS3 animations and transformations, forms, etc.


- written communication skills
- proofreading skills
- typography skills
- being well-read (reading is a hobby of yours)
- creative writing skills


- Photoshop skills
- visual skills
- extra stuff we're not teaching: photographic skills
- access to hardware for creating images


- willingness to learn and to make an effort
- checks the notes
- persists
- works to figure things out
- error checking
- creates a plan B and C for when scripting plan A won't work


- Audacity
- extra stuff we're not teaching: GarageBand and other composing-with-loops programs, etc.

know thy group

I expect that everyone has worked in groups before, if not on a creative project in a group, so you have all had some experiences with the advantages and disadvantages of groups. Please consider:

  1. some of the things that have worked for you in group work in the past
  2. some of the things that didn't work so well in the past, and what the group could have done to avoid or alleviate those problems
  3. how would your ideal group function - how would it communicate, how often would it meet, how would it share files, how would it encourage everyone to participate, how would it resolve differences of opinion, how would it follow up on communication and work, how would it divide up work, etc...

Then, in your group: