DATT 1939 Week 6 - Minimum Code/Techniques to Practice Before Week 7

Read over the 5 links under Intro. to JavaScript:
   Scripting versus Programming 
   Basic JavaScript: Where do you find it?  
   Introduction to JavaScript Functions
   Some common possibilities for triggering JavaScript Functions
   Safest Way to Get the JavaScript Source

Under Randomness with Javascript -1: Learn how to edit different parts of Random Link And learn how to create the option below by editing the above: Two different Random Links (on the same page) to different random URLs Read and note the information about JavaScript comments (week 6 section of the Resources page). These JavaScript comments work in between the <script> </script> tags. Read over JavaScript If Statements examples and JavaScript Operators Compare and note the JavaScript Operators used in the JavaScript If Statements examples. Do you understand some of what is going on? (You can keep improving your understanding in the coming weeks...) Note the caution about our JavaScript examples and Internet Explorer. Firefox and Safari are best for these examples.

Some More Code/Techniques You Could Try This Week

Play with making different Random Links with different numbers of URLs, with different words/images to click on, with different probabilities for certain results...

Start to memorize some of the JavaScript Operators.

Apply If Statement and Operator techniques/variations seen in the JavaScript If Statements to what you've learned about JS Random links 
(probably examples 1, 3, 5, and 6 are easiest to mix with the JS Random link examples).

Finally, you could work ahead into week 7 or week 8 material on the Resources page, or, feel free to look up online JavaScript resources, (including sites like Codecademy or W3Schools) and/or ask your tutorial leader for pointers...