Fixing Permissions Problems in your dm server account:

Many people have been encountering permissions problems while working on their A1 (or A2) or after handing the project in on the server.


Sometimes folder and file permissions in DM server accounts get reset in strange ways by how you are copying your files around and putting them on the server (for example, emailing things to yourself, downloading from Dropbox, etc.)

These and other actions may reset file or folder permissions in ways that don't become apparent until your files and/or folders are submitted to the server and you try to view your project through the web (using the URL, and/or using the link on the Student Work page).

The permissions problems may come to your attention when you view your project through the web and some files (images, for example) won't load even though you have checked many times that you uploaded all the A1/A2 files and linked/loaded those files on your pages correctly. Or, you may get a "Forbidden" message when you try to view your project through the web.

Another permissions problem becomes apparent to me (but not to you unless I email you about it) when I try to copy your project from the server so that I have a backup version on my laptop to mark. Sometimes permissions are set so that they won't allow me to copy anything for marking, even though the files/folders are viewable as normal through the web.

How to Fix the Permissions Problems in your dm server account:

  1. Go to the lab. Do not try this at home.

  2. Using your yorkID, log in to a computer in the ATLL (the ACW 102 lab).

    The following steps will not work if you log in as a guest.

  3. In the Finder, choose Go > Connect to Server

  4. Go in to your NDMSTUDENT_ drive, and go into your folder on the server, and your Sites folder...

  5. File > Get Info Select the folder containing the files/folders that have permissions problems. For A1 issues, please select either your a1 folder or your datt1939 folder. For A2 issues, please select your a2 folder.

  6. Copy that folder to the Desktop or the StoreWorkHere area of the ATLL computer you are working on.

  7. Then Get Info on that copied version of the folder by selecting the copied version, then choosing File > Get Info from the menu (see image at right)

  8. bottom a2 info window The Info window for that folder will open up:

  9. At the bottom of the Info window is a section called Sharing & Permissions. Please open Sharing & Permissions if it isn't already open.

  10. Notice the Name and Privilege columns. Your user ID will be there under Name (not in this example image, but when you do this), and other groups will also be listed. You may not see the exact list of groups that you see in this example image.

  11. You will notice that the group everyone in the example image has No Access. If you don't have an everyone group, then notice which/whether groups you do have with a privilege setting of No Access.
    No Access is not desirable. No Access needs to be reset to Read Only instead.

  12. change permissions To set No Access to Read Only instead, select the No Access setting beside everyone (or your group), and, from the options that pop up, choose Read Only instead.

  13. IF there were no groups set to No Access (i.e. your everyone group was already set to Read Only), do this:
    Set the desired group to No Access, and then set it back to Read Only.

    (But remember, the privilege for your own account name should always be set to Read and Write !)

  14. IF the setting is not allowing you to change it to Read Only:

    • Look for a little lock icon at the bottom right of the Get Info window.

    • If the lock icon is locked (as it is in this example image), click it to unlock it.

    • Once it is unlocked, try step 8 and/or 9 (above) again.

  15. change permissions Once access is set to Read Only, check to make sure that there are no other groups set to No Access.

    If other groups have No Access, repeat the above steps to set the permissions of other groups to Read Only instead of No Access.

  16. change permissions Once access is correctly set to Read Only, you now need to apply these same permissions to every file and folder inside of the a1/a2 folder. So, follow these steps:

  17. Select the name of a group (like everyone in the example image) where you had to fix the permissions.

  18. Then, find the cog icon at the very bottom of the Info window, and click it.

  19. A small menu should pop up, listing options...

  20. Choose Apply to enclosed items...

  21. These steps need to be repeated for each different group requiring you to fix permissions.

  22. Once you have completed all of this, you can close the Info Window.

  23. Now, copy this fixed folder from the Desktop or the StoreWorkHere back to the correct location inside Sites on the DM server, replacing the older version of the folder!

  24. If you couldn't view any or part of your project before, now try to view your project through the URL/student work page.

  25. Usually, these steps fix any individual file permissions problems inside the folder you fixed the settings for.

Frank, the ATLL technician also says:
"If any student continues to have issues, it helps if they take screenshots of the issues to help us troubleshoot future issues. If your students require help with this, tell them to come see me In Person, not to email me, and I can help them solve this issue."

Frank is usually in the ATLL (ACW 102) or in ACW 103 from 8:30 - 4:30pm, Mon. - Fri.

Also, thanks goes to Joe for finding this workaround!