DATT 1939 Week 7 - Minimum Code/Techniques to Practice Before Week 8

Strings, Numbers, and Concatenation

Quotations marks within quotation marks- in JavaScript.

Intro. to Variables in JS

Experiment with editing JavaScript Alert and Prompt techniques  

Experiment with editing Randomness with Javascript -2  Creating part of document randomly
    Learn how to edit different parts of the following:
	Random Text:  ex_random_text_elementID.html 
	Random Image: ex_randomImage_better.html
Try linking to files / loading images from different folders:
	(used to load images from an images folder in Random Image, above)

    Absolute links/paths versus Relative links/paths

    Linking between different folders:
	- Linking Down into Folders
	- Linking Up out of Folders
	- Linking Up out of Folders, then Down

Some More Code/Techniques To Try This Week

Try out how to change the current location of the window using window.location.replace() and commands like prompt or confirm()

Try incorporating user-entered text from a prompt into random text written on a page (ie. like ex_random_text_elementID.html mixed with prompttest.html)

	If you try and try and get stuck, here is one possible solution: prompt_randomElementID.html

If applicable, finish going through the questions on the Group Work Preparation page and share appropriately with your group. 


If you want to work ahead, look at and test some of the JavaScript techniques for week 8:

JavaScript Loops

JavaScript Keypresses

JavaScript Div interactions

Test out the following notes with group members, if applicable: week 7 notes Sharing files with the Public Folder and Dropbox

If you want more, feel free to look up simple online JavaScript resources and/or ask your tutorial leader for pointers...