Nancy Nicol

Nancy Nicol is a professor in the Visual Arts Department at York University, where she has taught since 1989. Between 1979 and 2009 she has created over thirty films and has exhibited widely in national and international festivals, conferences and community based organizations. Begun In 1999,"From Criminality to Equality" includes the films: Stand Together, the Queer Nineties, Politics of the Heart and The End of Second Class. Her work on lesbian and gay history also includes a number of shorts: Pride and Resistance, and Proud Lives. This body of work has received a number of honours including: the Elle Flanders Award for Best Documentary, Inside Out, Toronto, 2007 and 2006; Honourable Mention for Best Canadian Female Director in the shorts category, Inside Out, 2007; the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary, Image + Nation, Montréal, 2006; the Audience Choice Award, Making Scenes, Ottawa, 2002 and the John Bailey Completion Award, Inside Out, 2002.

In 2008, Nancy completed One Summer in New Paltz, A Cautionary Tale, (54 minutes) which investigates the civil disobedience same-sex marriage movement in the U.S.A during 2004. It was short-listed for the Derek Oyston CHE Film Prize, at the 23rd London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, London, UK, in 2008, an honour that celebrates films which contribute to the struggle for lesbian and gay rights. Nancy's recent scholarly publications include: "Politics of the Heart: recognition of homoparental families", in Who's Your Daddy? and other writings on queer parenting, ed. Rachel Epstein, Sumac Press, March, 2009; "Legal Struggles and Political Resistance: Same-Sex Marriage in Canada and the U.S". co-written with Miriam Smith, Sexualities, Sage Publications, December 2008, Vol 11, Issue 6, 667-687; and "Politics of the Heart: recognition of homoparental families", Florida Philosophical Review: Journal of the Florida Philosophical Association, University of Central Florida Department of Philosophy, Vol 8, issue 1, summer 2008. Nancy is currently writing a book on the history of lesbian and gay rights in Canada from 1995- 2005 to be published by University of Toronto Press, and completing a documentary on the "Dykes Planning Tykes" program offered through the Queer Parenting Network, Sherbourne Health Centre, Toronto.

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