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What We Do Not Do

The Ombudsperson:

  • Is not an advocate or someone who takes one or the other side in a complaint. The Ombudsperson must consider all sides in an impartial and objective way with the goal of assisting in developing fair solutions to complex and difficult problems.
  • Does not make University policy or replace established legislative or judicial procedures, although s/he may investigate any and all of these, raise questions about them, and make such recommendations to the President as s/he feels proper for their improvement and efficient functioning;
  • Does not have the authority to reverse decisions.
  • Cannot represent individuals in appeals or formal grievance procedures either on campus or off campus
  • Can not provide legal representation or give legal advice
  • Can not get involved in a non-University related problem or complaint
  • Is not an "office of record". Speaking with the Ombudsperson is not "notice to the University" of problems or policy violations.