OPirg (York UniveRsity)
OPIRG York Working Groups
The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) York is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that is committed to broad base social justice and environmental organizing. Fundamental to our operation are Working Groups. These Working Groups consist of  volunteers who work on issues that are important to them and to the York community. They work to enact positive change through education, awareness, art and action.
If you would like to start a working group or want more details about our current working groups please contact: opirg@yorku.ca or 416-736-5724
Working Groups 2007-2008
Exposing Canada's Toxic Shame
Exposing Canada's Toxic Shame (ECTS) is a collective that aims to draw attention to Canada's poor standards with regards to laws and policies aimed at curbing toxic pollution. These poor standards have put the health of Canadians at risk, especially those in marginalized communities. ECTS also makes links between toxic pollution and environmental degradation and the rights to self-determination of Indigenous people on Turtle Island (Canada)
Justice for Burma
Justice for Burma (J4B) is a group of students dedicated to raising awareness about human rights abuses by the ruling military regime in Burma. J4B stands in international solidarity with the Burmese people and organizes creative events and actions at york university that highlights the events and situations continuing to oppress Burma, and to unite in action that will aid Burma in achieving freedom.
No One is Illegal- Funded Project
This is the York chapter of No One is Illegal (NOII) and is comprised of a group of immigrants, refugees, and allies who fight for the rights of all migrants to live with dignity and respect. NOII believes that granting citizenship to a privileged few is part of a racist immigration and border policy designed to exploit and marginalize migrants. We work to oppose these policies, as well as the international economic policies that create the conditions of poverty and war that force migration. At the same time, NOII also works to support and build alliances with our Indigenous brothers and sisters in their fight against colonialism, displacement and the ongoing occupation of their land.
No Sweat
No Sweat is part of a student-led network of organizations on campus who are passionate about about the role of the university in building a sustainability on a local and global level. No Sweat and the Sustainable Purchasing Coalition is working towards the goal that has each decision made on campus will be (a) evaluated by its environmental, social and economic impacts locally, regionally, and Internationally and (b) draw upon the knowledge of and expertise of the diverse range of campus stakeholders using effective models for participatory decision making.
Off the Grid
Off the Grid is working to raise awareness at York about energy conservation and efficiency in Ontario through art, events and action. Working from the recognition that the way we use energy is unsustainable and inefficient, this overconsumption must be countered with strong organization around education.
Prison Book Access Project
The Prison Book Access Project (PBAP) donates books to prisons so people incarcerated in the Prison Industrial System will have greater access to education, as well as personal, intellectual and spiritual advancement and pleasure. In addition, PBAP organizes events to raise awareness and take action against the injustices and marginalization of the prison system.
York Animal Rights Group
The York Animal Rights Groups (YARG) seeks to educate people at York University and the surrounding community about all issues of animal rights and encourages people to take action to help animals. While YARG promotes cruelty-free living, particularly in the form of a vegan diet, everyone is welcome.
Please download the YARG Veg Directory - A Handy and Practical Resource for all your veg needs on York’s campus