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Student Leadership Opportunities

Become a University Tribunal Member

Do you enjoy contributing to the community?
Do you believe in upholding community values?
Do you enjoy working with, and becoming part of, a team?

The Office of Student Conflict Resolution will be seeking students to serve as volunteers on the University Tribunal (UT) in February 2013.

UT members are trained in procedural fairness and natural justice, and they make an important contribution to the life of students at York by upholding the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (CSRR). Most student conflicts at York are resolved through informal processes, or by Local Adjudicators. The University Tribunal is only called for serious cases that must be dealt with through a more formal judicial process.

New members are appointed by the Vice Provst of Students on the advice of a selection committee made up of current University Tribunal members. The appointment is for a two year term and is renewable once. Panels – each consisting of three people – will be formed; they will sit on a pre-determined, rotating basis that fits the schedule of the members.

Benefits in becoming a University Tribunal Member include:

The Peer Review Board is looking for members

Hear cases and make decisions as a panel on Residence cases in violation of the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities. Recommend fair and educational sanctions to students with the Board Advisors. Chairs will assist in writing decision letters to respondents.

Review the position description and responsibilities for Volunteer and Chair positions and apply.

Applications Due: Winter 2013, watch for the date.

PRB Chair Applicants must complete or revise their Student Financial Profile online. Be sure to select and complete the Work/Study Program section. Chairs must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected person, and be a full-time York University student.


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