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Parking Violations Appeals Process
Should a driver and/or owner have any reason to object to the issuing of a Violation Notice or the assessment of the associated fine, an objection in writing may be submitted to the Chair, York University Parking Appeals Committee, within 5 business days from the issue of the said violation.  All objections filed within this time frame are subject to the discount rate.

You can fill the Objection Against a Parking and Traffic Violation Form online, or print and send it to:
York University Parking Services,
Room 222, William Small Centre,
155 Campus Walk, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3
(Keele and Glendon Campus)

How to Write an Effective Appeal
If you have received a violation, and you would like to appeal it, you have 5 business days in which to submit a "Notice of Objection". This can be completed either by letter, online, or by using a form available at either Parking Services, the Honour Court Information Centre located on York Blvd. , or the Glendon Parking Office at the Greenhouse.

Appeals are almost never granted for any of the following listed reasons: