Storm Damage Survey - 10 September 2002

- Ril Lake (Baysville) -

David Sills, MSC-King Radar

Quick Facts

Severe Weather Type 

Confirmed Microburst

Location (Region)

Ril Lake / Baysville (Parry Sound-Muskoka)


Approx. 1800 EDT (2200 UTC)



Path Length

Approx. 3 km

Direction of Motion

Mainly from approx. 270

Path Width

Up to 1.5 km with embedded swath widths up to 50 m

Significant Damage

Lots of small branches down along track with embedded swaths of greater damage, including swaths with large (20 m +), mature beech, maple and yellow birch trees completely uprooted, probably  more than 50 completely uprooted mature trees in total, one swath roughly 50 m wide and 100 m long showed a divergent pattern in the uprooted trees with trees along the north side down from ~220 and trees along the south side down from ~320, tree fell on cottage and shifted it on its foundation 

Damage Estimate (Source) 

$ 5 000 (DS)


Site survey, witness descriptions