Storm Damage Survey Summary - 13 July 2004

- Exeter area -

David Sills, MSC King Radar
Kelly Hobelman, MSC Ontario Region

Severe Weather Type 



Brinsley / Farquhar / Elimville


1810 / 1810 EDT / 1825 EDT

Lat / Long

43.2280, -81.5375 (start) 43.2710, -81.4935 (end)

43.3610, -81.3875 (start) 43.3775, -81.3605 (end)

43.3435, -81.4080 (start) 43.3735, -81.3880 (end)


F1 / F0 / F0

Path Length

6.0 km / 2.8 km / 3.7 km

Direction of Motion

215 / 230 / 205

Max. Path Width

10 m / 10 m / 10 m

Significant Damage

Barn roof removed and thrown to NE, drive shed damaged with debris to NE, grain trailer moved short distance, wood missiles through boards / metal siding, tree branches down, minor crop damage


Minor crop damage


Part of barn roof thrown to S side of barn, some debris to N side, minor crop damage

Damage Estimate (Source) 

$30 000 total (Sills)


Photo / video evidence for each tornado


Thunderstorms developed rapidly as the Lake Erie lake breeze front collided with the Lake Huron lake breeze front. The thunderstorms then moved east with the upper flow but the updrafts remained rooted in the boundary collision zone that was continuing to move west. Tornadoes developed as the thunderstorms underwent rapid growth and moved NE along the boundary collision zone. Witnesses described no close lightning or rain but distant thunder as the tornadoes occurred.