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Posted March 2000

Cabala Cabanis (or Kabanis), Pierre Jean George Cacodemonia or Cacodemonomania
Cadence Caird, John Calculus
Callisthenes Calorie Calvin, John
Calvinism Cambridge Platonists Campanella, Tommaso
Campimeter Canon Canon Law
Canonization Canthus Capacity
Capacity (cranial) Capacity (in physics) Capital
Captains of Industry Cardinal Point and Value Cardinal Virtues
Cardiograph Caricature Carmelites
Carneades Caro, Elme Marie Carpenter, William Benjamin
Carpocrates, or Carpocras Cartesianism (from Descartes) Case (or Instance)
Case (grammatical) Case-law Caste
Casual Casuistry Catalepsy
Cataphasia (or Kata-) Cataplexy (or -is) Catechetical Method (in education)
Categorematic Categorical Categorical Imperative
Category Catharsis Catholic Church
Catholic Reaction Catholicity (in theology) Cato, Marcus Porcius
Causa sui Causality Cause (in law)
Cause (notion of) Cause and Effect Cause Theory (of mind and body)
Celarent Celibacy Cell
Cell-division Cell Theory Cellifugal
Cellipetal Cenogenesis Cenogenetic Characters
Central Centre Centre of Mass or Gravity
Centre of Rotation Centrifugal Force and Centripetal Force Centrosome
Cephalic Index Cerebral Vesicles Cerinthus
Certainty (logical) Certitude or Certainty (psychological) Cervical Region
Cesare Chain Syllogism Chalybaus, Heinrich Moritz
Champeaux, Guillaume de Chance Change
Channing, William Ellery Chaos Character
Character (in biology) Characteristic Charity
Charm Charron, Pierre Charter
Chastity Chemical Synthesis Child Psychology
Chiliasm China (religion in) Chiromancy (or Chei-)
Choice Chord Chorea
Christ Christian Consciousness Christian Science
Christianity Christology Christophany
Chroma Chromaesthesia Chromatic Aberration
Chromatics Chromatopseudopsis Chromatopsia
Chromatoscope Chromosome Chronic (1), and Acute (2)
Chronometry (mental) Chronoscope, Chronograph, and Chronometer Chrysalis
Chrysippus Chubb, Thomas Church
Church and State Church Philosophy (Roman Catholic) Cicero, Marcus Tullius
Circular Circulating Capital Circulation
Circulus in Probando Cistercian Citizen
Civil (in law) Civil Law Clairvoyance
Clan Clanberg, Johann Clang
Clarke, Samuel Class Class (social)
Classic and Classicism Classification Classification (in biology)
Classification (in education) Classification (of the fine arts) Classification (of the mental functions)
Classification (of the sciences) Cleanthes Clear and Distinct (and Clearness and Distinctness)
Clearing-up Clearness (in education) Cleavage
Clement of Alexandria, Titus Flavius Cleptomania Clifford, William Kingdon
Clonus and Clonic Co-adaptation Code (in law)
Codification Coefficient (in psychology) Coelentera
Coelom Coelomata Coenaesthesis
Coexistence Cogitate and Cogitation Cogito ergo sum
Cognition Coincidence Coincident Variations
Cold-blooded Animals Cold Sensation Cold Spot
Collapse Collaterals Collective (in logic)
Collective Psychology Collectivism Collier, Arthur
Colligation Colligation (in logic) Collins, Anthony
Colony Colour Colour (in aesthetics)
Colour (of tones) Colour (primary) Colour-blindness
Colour Circle Colour Mixture Colour Mixture (binocular)
Colour Sensation Colour Tone or Tint or Hue Colour Triangle
Colour Wheel Column Combination (chemical)
Combination (economic) Combination (in psychology) Combination (social)
Combination Tone Comenius, Johann Amos Comic
Comity (judicial) Commissure Commodity
Common Common Law Common Sensation
Common Sense Communicatio idiomatum Communism
Community (in philosophy) Community (political) Community (social)
Company Comparative Jurisprudence Comparative Philology
Comparative Psychology Comparative Religion Comparison
Compassion Compatible Compensation
Competition Competition (in biology) Competition (in economics)
Competition (mental) Complementary Colour Complex
Complex (in logic) Complication Complication Experiments
Component Society  Compos mentis and Non compos mentis Composite
Composition (linguistic) Composition and Division (fallacies of) Composition of Forces
Composition Theory Compound (in logic) Compound (mental)
Compound Tone Comprehension Comprehension (in logic)
Compromise Comte, Isidore Auguste Marie-François Xavier Comtism
Conation Conatus Concatenation (neural)
Conceit Conceivability and Inconceivability Concentration
Concentration (of studies) Concept (in logic) Conception, with (1) Concept, and (2) Universal
Conceptual Conceptualism Conclusion
Concomitance (logical) Concomitance (in theology) Concomitant Sensation
Concrete Concupiscence Concurrence (divine)
Concurrence (in theology) Condillac, Étienne Bonnot de Mably de. Condition and Conditional (in logic)
Condition and Conditioned  Conditional Immortality Conditional Morality
Condorcet, Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat, Marquis de. Conduct Conduction (nervous)
Confession Confirmation Conflict (mental)
Conflict of Laws Conflict of Motives Confucianism
Confucius Confusion (logical) Confusion (mental)
Congenital Congestion Congruent
Congruity Congruity and Condignity Conjugate Deviation
Conjugation (in biology) Conjugation (linguistic) Conjugation (logical)
Conjunctive (in logic) Connate Connection
Connotation Conscience Conscious Illusion Theory
Consciousness Consciousness of Kind Consensual Actions and Movements
Consensus gentium Consent Consentience
Consequence Consequence (in ethics) Consequent and Consequence (logical)
Conservation (in psychology) Conservation of Energy or Conservation of Force Conservatism
Consideration (in law) Consistency (topical) Consonance
Consonant (vocal) Constant Error Constant Quantity
Constant Return Constituent Society Constitution
Constitution (in law) Constitutional Law Constraint
Constraint (social) Construct Constructive Imagination
Constructiveness Consumer Consumer's Rent
Consumption Contact Sensation Contagion (social and mental)
Contemplation Content Contiguity (law of)
Contingent Contingent (logical) Continuity
Continuity (in biology) Continuity (in geometry) Continuous Quantity
Continuum Contra-conative Contract
Contractility (muscular) Contraction (muscular) and Contracture Contradiction (law, principle, or axiom of, in logic)
Contradictory (in logic) Contradictory Representation Contraposition
Contrary (in logic) Contrast Contrast (affective)
Contrast (binocular) Contrast (colour, simultaneous) Contrast (successive colour)
Contrast (law of) Contrast (visual space) Contra-volitional
Contrition Control Control Experiment
Control Series Convention (social) Convergence
Convergence (in biology) Converse Conversion (in Christian theology)
Conversion (in logic) Convertend Conviction (in psychology)
Conviction (in theology) Convulsion Co-operation (in economics)
Co-operation (social) Co-ordinates Co-ordination (in logic)
Co-ordination (of studies) Cope, Edward Drinker Copernican Theory (after Copernicus)
Copernicus (or Polish Kopernigk), Nicholas. Coprolalia Copula
Copy Cornu Cornutus, L. Annaeus
Corollary Corporation Corporeal
Corpus Corpus (in law) Corpuscle
Correlation (in biology) Correlation (in psychology) Correlation (of studies)
Correspondence (in mathematics) Corresponding Points Cosmogony
Cosmological Argument Cosmology Cosmos
Cosmothetic Idealism Cost Counter-irritation
Couple Courage Court (in law)
Cousin, Victor Covenants (doctrine of) Coyness
Craniology and Craniometry Crantor Crates of Thebes
Cratylus Crazy Creation (in biology)
Creation (in theology) Creationism Creationism (in theology)
Credible (1) and Incredible (2) Credit Credulity (1) and Incredulity (2)
Creed Cretinism Creuz, Friedrich Casimir Carl von
Crime (in law) Crime (in sociology) Criminal (in law)
Criminal (in sociology) Criminal Anthropology Criminal Psychology
Criminal Sociology Criminal-born Criminology
Crisis Criterion Criterion (aesthetic)
Criterion (ethical) Criticism Criticism (aesthetic)
Critique Crowd Crusius, Christian August
Crystal Vision Ctetology Cudworth, Ralph
Culpa Culpability Culture
Culture Epochs (theory of, in education) Cultus Cumberland, Richard
Curiosity Currency Curve
Custom (in law) Custom (in social psychology and sociology) Cutaneous Sensation
Cuticle Cyclopean Eye Cyclosis (in botany)
Cynics Cyrenaics Cytology
Cytoplasm Czolbe, Heinrich