Classics in the History of Psychology

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Posted July 2000

Facial Angle Facilitation Fact
Fact (in law) Factitious Factor
Factors of Evolution Factors of Production Faculty
Faintness Faith Faith (saving)
Faith and Knowledge (in theology) Faith Cure Faith Philosophy
Faithfulness of God Fall Fall of God
Fallacy Falsity (1) and False (2) Familiarity
Family (household) Family Fanaticism
Fancy Fantastic Fapesmo, Faresmo
Fashion Fate and Fatalism Fathers (of the Church)
Fatigue (mental) Fatigue (physical) Fault (moral)
Fear Fear (in religion) Fechner, Gustav Theodor
Fechner's Law Feder, Johann Georg Heinrich Federation
Feeble-mindedness Feeling Feeling (aesthetic)
Feigning (in biology) Felapton Felicific
Felicity Female Feminism
Fénelon, François de Salignac de la Mothe Ferguson, Adam Ferio, Ferison
Ferrari, Giuseppe Ferri, Luigi Ferrier, James Frederick
Ferrier's Experiment Fertility Fertilization
Fesapo, Festino Fetich (or -ish) and Fetichism Fetich (in pathology)
Feudal System Feuerbach, Ludwig Andreas Fiat (of will)
Fibre and Fibril Fichte, Immanuel Hermann von Fichte, Johann Gottlieb
Ficino (Ficinus), Marsiglio (Marsiglius) Fidelity of Reproduction Fides
Field of Consciousness Field of Regard Field of Touch
Field of Vision Figure (and Figurative) Figure (syllogistic)
Filioque Final and Finality Final Cause
Final Utility Finance Fine Art
Finite (in mathematics) Finite (notion of) Fire-worship
Fission Fissure Fit
Fitness (consciousness of) Fitness (in aesthetics) Fitness (in biology)
Fitness (in philosophy and ethics) Fittest (survival of the) Fixation of Memories
Fixation Point Fixed Capital Fixed Charges
Fixed Idea Flesh Flexor and Extensor Muscles
Flexure Flicker Fluctuations of Attention
Fluttering Heart Folie Folium
Folk-lore Folk Psychology Fool
Force Force and Condition Force (political)
Foreign (in law) Foreknowledge Forensic (in law)
Foreordination Forgetfulness Form
Form (as opposed to Matter) Form and Formalism Form Quality
Form Studies Forma, Formalis, Formaliter Formal Cause
Formal Culture Formal Logic Formal Rightness
Formal Steps Fortitude Fortuitous
Fortuitous (or Accidental) Variation Fortune Fortune physique and Fortune morale
Forum (in law) Fourier's Law Fovea centralis
Franchise Franciscans Fraternity
Fraud (in law) Fraunhofer Lines Freak
Free and Freedom Free (in economics) Freedom (consciousness of)
Freedom (economic) Freedom (in theology) Free-thought and Freethinkers
Frenzy Frequency Fresison
Friendship Fries, Jacob Friedrich Fringe
Froebel, Friedrich Function Function (mental)
Functional Selection Fundament Fundamental Tone
Fundamental Truth Fundamentum (in logic) Funding
Furor Fusion Future
Future Punishment Future State