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Posted August 2000

I and Me I (in logic) Iamblicus (or Jamblicus)
Iconolatry Id Idant
Idea Idea (in philosophy) Idea-force
Ideal Ideal (in aesthetics) Ideal (moral)
Ideal Realism Idealism Idealism (in aesthetics)
Ideality Idealization (aesthetic) Ideas of the Reason
Ideation Ideatum Identical Points
Identity (apprehension of individual) Identity (apprehension of material) Identity (in metaphysics)
Identity (logical) Identity (personal) Identity in Difference
Identity-philosophy Ideogenetic Theory Ideogram
Ideogram (in psychology) Ideology Ideo-motor
Ideoplastic (1) and Ideoplasy Idiocy Idiopathic
Idioplasm Idio-psychological Ethics Idio-retinal Light
Idiosyncrasy Idol Idol (Baconian)
Idolatry Ignorance (in law) Ignoratio Elenchi
Illation and Illative Illegitimate (in law) Illicit Process
Illogical Illumination Illusion
Illusion (aesthetic) or Self-illusion Illusion (pathological) Illusions of Motion and Movement
Illusions of Orientation Image Imagery
Image-worship (or Iconolatry) Imagination Imaging (in logic)
Imago Imbecility Imitation
Imitation (in biology) Imitative Arts Immaculate Conception
Immanence Immanence (in theology) Immanence-philosophy
Immanent and Transeunt Activity Immaterialism Immediacy
Immediacy and Mediacy Immediate and Mediate Immediate Creation
Immediate Inference Immensity Immortality
Immutability Impenetrability Imperative
Imperative Idea or Conception, also Insistent Idea Imperceptible Impersonal Judgment
Implicate and Implication Implicit and Explicit Implicit (in logic)
Import Impregnation Impression
Impression (aesthetic) Impressionism Impulse
Impulse (abnormal) Imputation (in law) Imputation (in theology)
In and for itself In esse, in intellectu, in re In posse
Inability Inattention Incantation
Incapacity Incarnation Incipient
Inclination Inclusion (in logic) Incoherence
Income Incompatible Incomprehensible
Inconceivable and Inconceivability Inconceivableness (of the contrary) Inconsistency
Inco-ordination Increasing Return Increment
Indefinite Indemnity (in law) Independence
Indeterminism Index (in craniometry) Index (in exact logic)
Index Number India (philosophy and religion in) Indictment
Indifference Indifference (moral) Indifference (in philosophy)
Indifference Point Indirect (in logic) Indirect Selection
Indirect Vision Indiscernibles Individual
Individual (in biology) Individual (in logic) Individual (social)
Individual Psychology Individual Selection Individualism
Individualistic Individuality Individuation
Indivisibility Induction Induction (in education)
Industrial Industrialism Industry
Inebriety Inertia (nervous) Inertia (in physics)
Infallibility Infancy Infant (in law)
Infant Psychology Inference Infidelity
Infinite (the) and the Finite Infinite (in mathematics) Infinite (notion of) and Infinity
Infinitesimal (in mathematics) Infinity (in mathematics) Infinity (in philosophy)
Inflammation Inflation Inflection
Influence Influxus Physicus Infralapsarianism
Inherence Inheritance (or Heritage) Inhibition (mental)
Inhibition (nervous) Initiation Injustice
Innate (in biology) Innate Ideas Innateness
Inner and Outer Inner Imitation Innervation (sensation of)
Innocence (in law) Inorganic Inquisition
Insanity (and Sanity) Insanity (in law) Insects
Insensibility Insight Insistent Idea
Insolubilia Insomnia Inspiration
Instability Instinct Instinct-feeling
Instinctive Morality Institution Instruction
Insurance Integral Integral (in mathematics)
Integration (and Disintegration) Integration (in mathematics) Integration (in psychology)
Intellect (or Intelligence) Intellection Intellectualism
Intellectualism (aesthetic) Intelligence Intelligible
Intemperance Intension (in logic) Intensity (measurement of mental)
Intensity (mental) and Intensive Magnitude Intent (psychical) Intention
Intention (first and second, in philosophy) Intention (in law) Intention (in logic)
Interaction Intercession Interdependence
Interest Interest (doctrine of, in education) Interest (in economics)
Interference Intermediate State Intermittence Tone
Internal Internal Speech (and Song) International Law
Interpretation (in law) Intersubjective Interval
Interval (in music) Intoxication Intraselection
Intrinsic (1) and (2) Extrinsic Intrinsic Value Introjection
Introspection Introspective Method Intuition
Intuition (in educational method) Intuition (moral) Intuition (in philosophy)
Intuitional Ethics Intuitionism or Intuitionalism Intuitive Morality
Invagination Invariability Invention
Invention (in anthropology) Inversion (sexual) Invertebrate
Investment Invisible World Involuntary (Action)
Involuntary Action (pathological) Involution Ionics
Ire Irenaeus Iron Age
Irony Irradiation Irrational
Irrational Action Irrelevant Irreligion
Irritability Irritant Isidorus Hispalensis
Islam Isolation Issue
Itch (or Itching) Sensation