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Posted August 2001

M. m.v. McCosh, James. 
Mackintosh, Sir James.  Macrocosm (and Microcosm)  Madness (and Madman) 
Magic (1) and (2) Divination Magnetic Stopper Magnetism
Magnitude (extensive)  Magnitude (intensive)  Maimon, Salomon. 
Maimonides (Moses ben Maimon in Hebrew; Abu Imram Musa ibn Maimun ibn Abdallah in Arabic) Major Major and Minor 
Majority (in law)  Make-believe Male
Malebranche, Nicolas.  Malevolence (or Malice)  Malfeasance
Malice Malice (in law)  Malthus' Law
Malthusianism Malum (in law)  Mammal
Man Man (doctrine of, in theology)  Manes (or Manichaeus) 
Mania Manichaeism Manifestation (in theology) 
Manifoldness (or Assemblage)  Mankind Mansel, Henry Longueville. 
Many Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.  Mare clausum and Mare liberum
Margin of Cultivation Marginal Increment Marginal Utility
Marheineke, Philipp Konrad.  Mark Market
Marriage Marsilius Ficinus Martineau, James. 
Martyr, Justin Mass Mass (in physics) 
Material Material Fallacy Material Logic
Materialism Mathematical Economics Mathematical Logic
Mathematics Matriarchate Matronymic
Matter Matter (in physics)  Matter and Form
Maxim (in ethics)  Maxim (in logic)  Maxim (legal) 
Maximum Happiness Maximum Sensation Maximus
Mazdeism Me Mean (1) and (2) Median
Mean (in ethics)  Mean Error Mean Gradation
Mean Variation Meaning Meaning (in logic and grammar)
Meaning (in philosophy) Means (to ends) Measure of Precision
Measurement Measurement (principles of) Measurement Formula
Mechanical Mechanical Equivalent (of heat) Mechanics
Mechanics of Ideas Mechanism Mechanism (of mind or ideas)
Mediacy Mediacy or Mediation Median
Mediate Mediate (in theology) Mediation
Medical Psychology Meditation Medium
Medium (in philosophy) Megalomania Megarians
Melancholia Melanchthon (or Melancthon), Philip Meliorism
Melissus Melody Memory
Memory (defects of)  Memory (experiments on) Memory Image
Memory Time Mencius Mendelssohn, Moses
Meninges Meningitis Meninx
Mental Blindness and Deafness Mental Chronometry Mental Development
Mental Disease Mental Energy Mental Evolution
Mental Pathology Mental Science Mental Type
Mental Unity Mentality Mercantile System
Mercy Merit Merit (in theology)
Mesenchyma Mesmer, Franz (or Friedrich) Anton.  Mesmerism
Meso- Mesoblast Mesoderm
Mesognathous (Skull) Mesothelium Messiah
Messianic Hope Metabolism Metagenesis
Metakinesis Metamere Metamorphopsia
Metamorphosis Metaphysics Metapsychosis
Metayer System Metazoon Metempirical
Metempsychosis -meter (apparatus ending in) Method
Method and Methodology, or Methodeutic Method (in education) Methods of Ethics
Methodeutic Methodical Selection Methodology
Method-whole Metronymic (or Mat-) Meyer's Experiment
Meynert, Theodor Michelet, Karl Ludwig. Microcephalic
Microcosm Micro-organism Mid-
Mid-parent Middle Term (and Middle) Migraine or Megrim
Miletus (school of) Milieu Mill, James.
Mill, John, Stuart.  Millenarianism Millennium
Mmns Philosophy Mimetism Mimicry (in biology)
Mimicry (in psychology) Mind (in philosophy) Mind (in psychology)
Mind and Body Mind Cure Mind-dust Theory
Mind Reading Mind-stuff Theory Minimum divisibile
Minimum (or Minimal) Sensation Minor Minor (in logic)
Minucius Felix Mirabaud, Jean-Baptiste de.  Miracle
Mirror Writing Misdemeanour Misology
Missing Link Mitosis Mixed
Mixture (linguistic) Mnemonic Verses and Words (in logic) Mnemonics
Mob Mobility Modalism (in theology)
Modality Mode Mode (in logic)
Model Moderation Modesty
Modification (in biology) Modification and Variation (mental) Modulus
Modus ponens and Modus tollens Mohammed, or Mahomet, or Mahomed, or Muhammed Mohammedanism
Molecule and Molecular Force Molinos Moment
Moment [Ger.] Moment (of force) Momentum
Monad (Monadism, Monadology) Monasticism Monergism
Moneron Money Monism
Monitorial System Mono- Monogony
Monoideism Monologue Monomania
Monophysites Monopoly Monosyllogism
Monotheism Monothelitism Monotypic and Polytypic Evolution
Monster Montaigne, Michel Eyquem, Seigneur de. Montanism
Montesquieu, Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de. Mood Mood (in grammar)
Mood (in logic) Moral and Morals Moral Argument
Moral Courage Moral Faculty Moral Insanity
Moral Judgment Moral Order Moral Philosophy (and Science)
Moral Progress Moral Science Moral Sciences
Moral Sense Moral Statistics Moral Theology
Morality Morality, Moral Obligation, Moral Consideration Morbid
More, Henry.  Morphology Mosaic Theory (of vision)
Motion Motion (illusions of) Motion and Rest (in physics)
Motive Motor Motor Intuition
Motor Type Movement Movement (disorders of)
Movement (illusions of) Movement (in physiology) Movement and Motion (experiments on)
Mover and Moved (in Aristotle) Müller, Friedrich Max.  Müller's Circle
Multiplicity Multitude (in mathematics) Mundane
Mundus Muscae Volitantes Muscle
Muscle Reading Muscle-sense and Muscle-sense Illusions Muscular (or Muscle) Sensation
Music Musical Tone Mutation (in biology)
Mutism Mutuality Myelitis
Myo- Myograph Myopia
Mysteries Mysticism Myth
Mythical Theory Mythology