Classics in the History of Psychology

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Posted January 2002

O (in logic) Obedience and Disobedience Object (-ive)
Object (mental or psychic) Object-blindness Object-lesson
Object Self Objection  Objective (in psychology)
Objective Right Objectivism Objectivity
Obligation (in law) Obligation (moral) Obscurantism
Observation Observation (errors of) Observation (mental)
Observation (method of, in education) Observations (adjustment of) Observer
Obsession Obversion Occam (or Ockham), William of
Occamism Occam's Razor Occasion
Occasional Cause Occasionalism Occult
Ockham Ockham's (or Occam's) Razor Odour
Oecology Offence (in law) Ohm
Oken, Lorenz. Olfactometer Olfactory Nerve
Olfactory Sensations Omnipotence Omnipresence
Omniscience One One and the Many
Oneirology Ontogenesis Ontogeny
Ontological Argument Ontologism Ontology
Ophelimity Ophthalmia Ophthalmometry
Ophthalmoscope Opinion Opinion (in philosophy) 
Opposition Opposition (in logic) Optic Nerve
Optical Axis Optical Illusions Optics
Optimism and Pessimism Optotype Opzoomer, Cornelius Willem. 
Oracle Order (in biology) Order (moral)
Ordinance Ordinate Organ
Organic Organic (in psychology) Organic Imitation
Organic Memory Organic (or Indirect) Selection Organic Sensation
Organism Organism (in biology) Organization
Organization (industrial) Organon Oriental Philosophy (and Religion) 
Orientation (bodily) Orientation (mental) Orientation (illusions of)
Orientation (law of constant) Origen, Adamantios Origin
Origin of Evil Origin of Life Origin of Species
Origin versus Nature Original Original Quality
Original Sin Orphic Literature Orthodoxy (in theology)
Orthogenesis Orthognathous (skull) Orthoplasy
Orthos Logos Other Otology
Oughtness Ousia Outer and Inner
Outness Overindividual Overproduction (in biology)
Overproduction (in economics) Oversoul Overtone
Ovum Oxford Movement Oxy-