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  1. Use the "Choose or Edit the Degree" button to select your desired degree and to give the academic year in which you joined the Faculty of Science.  ? 
    All degree requirements in an academic year are as of Fall term.
  2. Check off the courses that you have passed by clicking the "Required Courses" and "Restricted Electives" buttons. Then add any other courses with the "Free Electives, General Education & Transfer Credits" button. Some free electives will be other optional CHEM courses and some BCHM and BIOL courses, and these can be selected with dropdown boxes. Others will need to be specified.
  3. Check your progress with the "Analysis of Progress" button.

Degree Sought


Input ISCI courses as their equivalent CHEM, BIOL, MATH or PHYS courses.
For a quick analysis, add courses successfully completed at York (even if failed in an earlier attempt) and those awarded as transfer credits. For a more complete analysis that includes grades, also include failed courses taken at York if the failed grades are the current grades of record.

other York elective courses (not among those listed above)

other transfer credits (not corresponding to those listed above)

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use the dropdowns and button below to add to the list
Requirements met and those not yet met (if all courses have been passed):
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