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  Advising Calendar

When can you get advising?

  • This calendar is for Chemistry and Biochemistry, whether or not you are currently registered in one of these degree programs.
  • These advising sessions are for continuing or transfering students (year levels 2-4), not for new students. If you are a new student, click here.
  • The calendar is updated periodically and is often not the same from week to week. Check often for the latest availability estimates.
  • The current week is displayed on the calendar. Move from week to week by using the arrow navigation buttons, or by clicking on the week selection box.
  • Each coloured area on the calendar displayed represents an available time-slot.

Without an appointment, show up at the specified location within the specified time-slot. Students with appointments will be seen first, then those without an appointment will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis, without guarantee.

To book an appointment, do the following:
Choose date and time:
Make sure the month, date and time you select here matches what's available on the calendar. If these do not correspond, your reservation will not work, and you will need to start over.
    Date:    Start Time:
If you choose a date or time that is not actually available, you will be sent back here to start over.

If none of the advising time-slots available are suitable or workable for you, then do not use this form. Instead, please email chemupd@yorku.ca at least 24 hours in advance requesting an appointment outside the available times and within the next 2 weeks and outside any times that are marked as busy and on business days only (no weekends or holidays), then wait for an email response.

Appointments are booked for 30 minutes each but you will be accorded the actual time needed. However, the appointment for a student ahead of you can have started late or may run overtime, and you may need to wait for your own appointment as a consequence. You will be seen nonetheless and you will be accorded whatever time you need.

If you cannot make your appointment, please have the decency to email chemupd@yorku.ca about the cancellation (no excuses required) so as to free up the time for someone else.

Click to reserve an advising timeslot:  This takes you to the next step.   Or