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Astronomy in Your Language:
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English, Pat Hall
Spanish, Mauricio Argote (with web links)
Spanish, Mauricio Argote (movie, narrated en Espanol: low-resolution or high resolution)
Farsi (Persian), Alireza Rafiee
Mandarin Chinese, Sunne Dong

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Universe Today
  • Astronomy & Space at the National Research Council of Canada
  • Learn Astronomy From Your Couch!
  • The Sun in Your Classroom
  • Astronomy resources
  • NASA Lunar Feather Drop Home Page
  • Make Your Own Planisphere: use the National Research Council Canada version or the Sky Wheel Holder and Basic Constellations printouts from the Lawrence Hall of Science
  • ClassAction Interactive online & downloadable materials
  • Visible light and microwave light (used in microwave ovens) are different kinds of electromagnetic (EM) radiation. (Light is made up of units called photons, and visible light has more energy per photon than microwave light does.) Have students measuring the speed of microwave light... with marshmallows! Have students compare that speed to the speed of visible light. How does the speed of light change with the energy per photon of light? (It doesn't.)
  • Center for Astronomy Education - free resources [see bottom of page]
  • Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project
  • University of Virginia Resources for Teachers of Physics